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7 Weeks Postpartum

Week 7 has been my most challenging week yet. There is a definite weight that has appeared. I don’t believe that I have postpartum depression but I can see how this feeling could easily pull me down that path. As I don’t want to end up in a depression, I told my husband how I have been feeling and he will watch for signs of anything getting worse. I know many women have been through this and I am not afraid to get help if I need it.
The weight makes my body and mind feel heavy and tired. It pounds my brain with what needs to be done, and what I’m doing wrong. I fend it away but it still comes slithering back.
It could be stress, lack of sleep, cabin fever, or all of the above. The last 7 weeks have been so amazing it is hard to understand how I have any negative feelings at all. None of these are direct at my little guy, cuddling with him makes me feel better, not worse.
We have been dealing with medical billing, little man has been waking up every 2 hours to feed at night (we were lucky and he used to sleep 4-5 hours at a time), and breastfeeding has me feeling tied down to our house. They are all temporary issues but my brain doesn’t listen to reason when I can’t sleep at night. There is nothing more frustrating than being exhausted and not being able to sleep. I stare at my sleeping son, knowing that I have 2 hours before he will wake up and sleep won’t be an option. It is awful.
I feel fine for the majority of the time and I will get help if it gets worse. After going through this I see how mothers feel ashamed to have these feelings, like why do I have the right to feel sad when I have a perfect baby? It feels like I am letting down my husband and my baby.
I want to say to all the mommas dealing with postpartum depression or baby blues, we can get through this! It is a temporary feeling. It is our hormones, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Get help if you’re feeling overwhelmed, your doctor is there to help you. Also, if you can, open up to your significant other. External support can help lift that weight.

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Things I said Before I had a Newborn

It is always hilarious to look back at what I have said and thought when I was younger. It is the same with a baby. I had so many opinions and thoughts on something I had never experienced. Again, it is fun to look back now that I have gone through having a newborn.

Things I said Before I had a Newborn:

  1. “I will never co-sleep, it’s too dangerous.” Ha! That went out the window ASAP. I read so much on not co-sleeping, how you could crush or smother your baby. Of course, this completely terrified me, so no co-sleeping was the plan. That is all well to say but when it is 3am, your little one cries every time you set him down to sleep, you are exhausted, and still healing from giving birth, your priorities change. I broke down and let him sleep on my chest. It was the best sleep we had since we brought him home. We still work to keep him in his bassinet at night but on a bad night co-sleeping has happened.
  2. “I’m sure we will want a date night a few weeks after he is born.” He is 7 weeks 36-funniest-and-hilarious-parenting-memes-32and we are still waiting on that date night. I was worried about keeping our relationship strong and not letting the baby completely take over but we have stayed incredibly close during this time. My body was still healing up until recently and that made a date night out seem unappealing. It’s hard to feel romantic when your boobs are swollen and you are still bleeding. Plus being back at work it is hard to give up the time we do have with him. At 7 weeks, we are finally at the point where we are ready for a short date night.
  3. “My baby will exclusively breastfeed until I go back to work, then I’ll pump and breastfeed.” I almost accomplished this one! Our little guy ended up taking a few bottles of formula when we first brought him home. His bilirubin was high and the doctor recommended supplementing with formula to help him poop and get it out of his system. When your baby’s health is on the line you do what you have to do, we supplemented with formula until his bilirubin was under control.
  4. “Pumping looks easier than breastfeeding.” Oh, young, naïve, me. Pumping is not easy, the only thing easier about pumping is that you can have someone else feed the baby and you don’t have to breastfeed in public (I struggle feeding in public). Other than that, it is more work because you have to hook everything up, pack up the milk, and then clean all your pumping parts. It makes some things more convenient but I wouldn’t say it is easier.
  5. “We will get him in a routine right away.” Yup, failed there. We tried but with a newborn we ended up just trying to survive. It was easier to let him create his own schedule at first. There were a few things that helped, making it clear which was day and which was night helped so much. We opened the blinds during the day, didn’t swaddle him, had noise going in the background, and got him outside. At night, we turned down the lights, kept it quiet, and swaddled him. As for a routine, like I said, he made the schedule but usually it is feed, play, nap. How long on each of those? Varies on his mood and sometimes he skips one of the steps completely. We have managed to get in a nighttime routine before we put him down to sleep. We give him a bath or we put on night lotion and brush his hair, put on a clean diaper and onesie, swaddle, then finish with a bedtime story. He may or may not actually fall asleep after our routine but we are hoping the consistency will eventually benefit us.pinterest-moms-meme
  6. “Since we will be home a lot this summer we can work on house projects.” I thought this would be easy, just work on the projects when he is sleeping. Nap times are short! During those few breaks we do laundry, dishes, and attempt to keep our house clean(ish). I am a neat freak and this has been a struggle for me to sometimes let things stay messy. As our little man gets bigger, things are getting easier (most days) but it is still a shock how little time you have.

I’m sure I said many more things that ended up being completely incorrect. It is fun to look back at what I thought before baby. I’ll wait a couple months and then I should be able to make fun of what I am saying now. 😊

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Thought of the Day: June 15, 2017

This morning a stared at my son, he is always so smiley and happy in the morning, and thought how lucky we are he is here and healthy. He is such a blessing to us. Having him changed us, our world tilted, and made him the most important thing.

It was a beautiful moment.

Then I felt the twinge, that gut dropping feeling of knowing we now have medical bills to Misleading-Doctor12pay. Now we have insurance but, due to some circumstances, we owe more than we were planning. It is enough that we have to contact our medical centers and hope they are open to working with us. Luckily, we both have stable jobs and will work to get it paid off. Is it stressful? Yes. Is it the end of the world? No (My husband reminds me of this daily). But this situation makes me think of people that don’t have insurance or, like us, have a situation where insurance doesn’t cover everything, and they end up $50,000 or more in debt. My heart bleeds for them. I’m not saying I have the answer but something has to change, a new mother shouldn’t look at her child and see a price tag, a person that just discovered they have cancer and will need treatment shouldn’t have to think “is my life worth the cost?”.

Medical costs continue to rise and our incomes aren’t rising at those levels. While this happens insurance rates continue to go up and high deductibles are more and more common. This pushes more people to medical bankruptcy. As a middle-class American, you don’t qualify for aid but you don’t have enough to cover the out of pocket. How do we fix this?

PS: I am not trying to start a healthcare debate, just thinking out loud. 😊

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What to do While you Breastfeed

As a first-time mom, I was shocked at how much time breastfeeding takes up. Let’s say it is 30 minutes for the little one to feed, but add 5 minutes before and after to get yourself635c37f79a1dd752f8ee1cdd08d2beda--breastfeeding-meme-funny-shit prepared and then to clean up. This really puts it at 40 minutes, then 2 hours later you do it again. That is a lot of time sitting around feeding. You are a human vending machine. I don’t regret choosing to breast feed but I just wasn’t mentally prepared for how challenging it would be. Now, to the point, what do you do during your breastfeeding times. The first week I just stared at my little one because he is beautiful and perfect but as the weeks pasted I realized I needed something to do. Here are the easy things to do while breastfeeding.

  1. EAT and hydrate: I can’t be the only mom that struggles with getting enough to eat. I am so busy that it is easy to forget, also looking around my kitchen it is hard to find quick, easy, and healthy things to eat (I’ll happily take recommendations). While breastfeeding it is important to be well fed to keep your supply up, I knew that I needed to try harder to increase my food intake. Breastfeeding is the perfect time to eat and drink water. I make sure I have a snack and my water bottle ready to go when I sit down to feed the baby. This is the perfect time to do this because I can’t really move and it doesn’t involve a lot of work. It is working for me very well. Just be sure not to get crumbs on your little one!
  2. Read: Once you master the one-handed book/kindle hold you are set. It is an easy stress-free activity that you can do sitting down. I personally love to read so this worked out nicely. Will you need to set down your book to readjust, yes. Just be sure to keep tabs on what page you are on, because you try to add a bookmark to the mix and it gets more complicated. Also, I like to read out loud so my little can hear it, extra bonding and entertainment for me. At times I was too exhausted to want to read but it was a perfect fix when I was feeling anxious to do something.
  3. TV: Time to binge watch your favorite TV show. Netflix and breastfeeding truly go hand in hand. I will be honest and say that with the baby moving or crying you sometimes miss pieces so I stuck to shows I had already seen (Friends, Parks & Rec, and The Office!), this meant they didn’t distract me from my little man if he needed me.
  4. Music: This was event better for me than TV. I would put on some calming tunes, you-know-youre-a-breastfeeding-mom-when-you-decide-what-to-wear-based-on-how-easily-accessible-you-breasts-will-be-1cd68thank you Spotify for letting me make my perfect playlist, and relax. When you are relaxed so is your little one. Plus, I always think about what my little boy is absorbing and some of the TV stuff I want to avoid as much as possible.
  5. Write: I love to blog, Instagram, or just write for myself, while I’m breastfeeding. I find writing to be therapeutic and with my cell phone I can type one handed. This gave my brain something to concentrate on that wasn’t just sitting around watching TV.
  6. Talk to your Little One: This is an obvious option, I love talking to my baby while he eats. We are so close and cuddly it is natural to ooo and awe over him. I take advantage of my couch time with other things but the thing I do the most is have a conversation with my little man. It is just one more way to build that one of a kind relationship.

Breastfeeding is such an interesting experience, it is challenging but bonding. I have had my struggles with it but I am glad that I haven’t given up yet. I’ll keep striving to move forward with it each day.

I recently read some truly cruel remarks on social media about mothers that don’t exclusively breastfeed, words like selfish and irresponsible were thrown out. Mothers should support mothers and the best baby is a fed baby. Cheers to you amazing moms, whether you breastfeed, pump, or use formula.

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Newborn Baby Photos, Oh My

I look at everyone’s adorable newborn baby pictures and wonder… How the hell did you do that!?

We have a close friend that is a photographer and agreed to do some newborn pictures for us. Now, I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, just a few good shots to put on our wall. All we wanted to do was swaddle our little guy and use a couple locations in our house to get photos. Simple enough, right? Well, we couldn’t completely swaddle him because he hates his arms being pinned down, we settled for a half swaddle. Then he spit up on the swaddle I wanted to use. Just minor things, but then it turned for the worse…

The flawless photos of other babies wasn’t happening for us.

Attempt 1: Our, usually happy, little guy decided to have a total meltdown. He wouldn’tevil-baby-meme-dumpaday-19 fall asleep and he would stop crying. It was impossible to get a good shot of him. After about an hour we decided to call it. Lucky for us, it was our friend doing the photos so we rescheduled. I don’t know how people do this if the photographer isn’t a friend and you have a scheduled time in a studio. Respect to all you parent’s that have it far more together than we do.

Attempt 2: We made it about 5 minutes in before he decided he didn’t like photos. This one wasn’t a meltdown but he was fussy enough that it was difficult to get a good shot. We tried feeding him, changing him, and even tried to get him to fall asleep… he still wasn’t having it. How is it we have a happy child the majority of the time but the second we need him to be happy he turns on us? To his credit these were after work and evenings are his most fussy time of day.

img_5339Attempt 3: We did these shots first thing on a Sunday morning, mornings are his best time. He was completely chill, this meant not a lot of happy smiles or laughs but still some beautiful pictures of him. Finally, we had enough good pictures for our wall!

It took us 3 tries to get worthwhile photos. How do you other parents do it? We decided to do another session when he is a bit older, being a newborn limits the window of happy, awake, times.

I should also give the amazing photographers credit here. The patience alone of doing newborn/child photos is mind blowing. Then to make those moments so beautiful, it is quite a talent.

Our photographer already sent us some sneak peaks of the photos and I can’t wait to have a few printed on canvas and hung up! Newborn photos were stressful and frustrating but totally worth it.

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Thought of the Day – June 10th, 2017

Do you ever look at your baby and think “how are you real?”. I do this every day. His perfect face, tiny fingers, and round baby belly, he is amazing. I can’t believe we created this little being. 

I can just stare at him all day long, who needs tv when every wiggle and sound makes you laugh and cheer. 

I wasn’t sure about being a mother, I’ll admit babies scared me, but now having him in my arms I can’t imagine life without him. 

Motherhood has been a blessing but it is bittersweet, I wasn’t expecting that. We cheer for every new expression and sound but then you feel a hint of sadness because it means your little one is getting bigger.  I want to cuddle him forever but that isn’t an option he has to grow and develop. I’m just trying to soak up every moment with him because just like the crocodile that swallowed a clock in Peter Pan, time is chasing after us.

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Baby’s First Month: What You Need

Newborn shopping can be overwhelming, there are just a lot of baby products on the market. Every person you talk to will tell you a different “must have” item. My policy was “when in doubt register for it”… Your registry list may get a little out of control. You also end up purchasing a lot of items that your baby won’t need for months. Being prepared is great, but when you are on a tight budget you may have to wait on items that aren’t needed ASAP. We now have a 6-week-old on our hands so I’m going to let you know what we actually used in the first month of his life (Before I completely forget!).

Baby’s First Month Checklist:

Changing Items:

  • Diapers – We used Newborns and just now switched to ones. I would recommend Swaddlers_355x215stocking up on both sizes, they will get used! Pampers Swaddlers have been our favorites but the Huggies were bad either. Just in case you baby is allegoric to a specific brand it is a good idea to buy a couple different kinds. Buy more than you think you need, you will appreciate having a stockpile.
  • Wipes – I can’t believe how many wipes we have used. STOCK UP! The great thing about wipes is that the baby never grows out of them. We like Pampers Sensitive Skin, our little guy handles them much better than the regular wipes. Again, it’s great to have a couple different brands in case, like our little one, you end up not being able to use a certain brand or kind.
  • Butt Cream – We have used baby powder and Aquaphor to help prevent rash. a-tube-for-every-tush.pngDesitin was our saving grace when we dealt with the first rash, cleared it up in no time.
  • Diaper Bag – An obvious yes. We picked a gray and orange should bag. I wanted something that myself and my husband would be comfortable wearing. Some of my friends swear by the backpack diaper bags, try both before you register or purchase.
  • Changing Table or Changing Cloths – We have a wonderful dresser ready with a changing pad and cover all set up in his room… we haven’t used it. For now, he usually gets changes on a baby blanket in the living room. Some people use a pack and play changing table. If you are tight on budget you don’t need to purchase a changing table, just have somewhere ready that you don’t mind getting covered in spit up, poo, or pee.


  • Onesies & Pants– We were told not to buy a lot of newborn sized outfits because 2928502they would only be used the first couple weeks… well here we are at week 6 and he is still wearing newborns, he now first in some of his 0-1 but even that took a while. I’m not saying go crazy but they go through a lot of outfit changes so be prepared. Get some long sleeved and some short, also the onesies that snap at the side of the body are amazing (pictured at the side). Get a couple pairs of pants just in case it is chilly out and you want baby covered.
  • Clothing Accessories – Socks, they will mostly be kicked off but have a couple for cold days. Jacket, could depend on the season but best to have just in case. Hats, both a warm hat and a sun hat. Mittens, get these for multiple reasons, in case of chilly weather but they can also be used to keep your little one from scratching his/her face. We have a scratcher, so the mittens were a must.
  • Receiving blankets – I recommend the receiving blankets instead of the burp rags, 41WBZIkhJBLthe burp rags are way too small. We literally have receiving blankets all over our house, you never know when you’ll need one. It is also nice having some flannel ones and some light weight cotton.
  • Swaddles – We have used receiving blankets for swaddles but we also have a few cheater swaddles. We purchased both the fuzzy warm halo swaddle and a light weight cotton. It is nice to have both depending on the temperature in your house.


  • Bottles – Our little one is breastfeeding but now that I’m back to work he takes a bottle during the day. We use glass bottles that I love but for travel we have plastic Avent bottles. Be sure to have enough that you aren’t stressing that you don’t have a clean one ready when baby wants to feed.
  • Bottle Drying Rack – This is great for help with keeping bottle clean but it is 81d+bX5gLaL._SL1500_AMAZING for pumping. Cleaning my pumping gear is a pain and being able to lay it out on a drying rack is a great option.
  • Pump – I have a Medela that works great but I haven’t tried anything else… See what insurance will cover for you!
  • Breast Milk Bags – These are a must if you want to continue with breast milk but are back to work. I’ve tried the fancier ones with twist tops but the plain old bags that you can write on and have the oz on the side are all you need.
  • Lanolin –I don’t need this often anymore but those first week I used this after every feeding. Nursing is rough on your nipples, you will want something to help so you aren’t dreading the next feeding.There are a lot of brands that have nipple cream, just do research on what you want before you buy.

Bed Time:

  • Pacifier – I know some people don’t believe in using a pacifier and more power to you! We love having the pacifier as an option. It is great for soothing during a crying fit but is most amazing at bedtime to help get the little one to sleep.
  • Bassinet – Really you need somewhere safe for your baby to sleep, we have a bassinet that is more like a cart. I LOVE IT! The side drops down a little way and it is on wheels. I can roll our bassinet right next to our bed and have easy access to get him in and out. Have a couple sets of sheets, it won’t be fun to have to do laundry in the middle of the night because of a diaper explosion.
  • Sound Machine – I didn’t think this would be a “Must Have” item but I was so imageswrong. We have a light up, white noise making, whale. I’m not sure if we would have survived the first couple nights without it. Our little guy loves it, we only use it at bedtime to help him from getting confused between naps and bed. I also love that it dimly lights up, it is enough that I can see at night to feed but not so bright that it wakes anyone up when I turn it on. We love ours but it does drain batteries like crazy, we had to buy re-chargeable batteries for it.

Bath Time:

  • Baby Bath Tub – We use the plastic tub that fits inside your normal bath tub and pTRU1-6304247enh-z6has a new born insert. I know some people like the sink options, I just feel like our sinks were too dirty but that’s just me. Look at both before purchase.
  • Towels – Get a couple larger, hooded, towels for after bath time and then wash cloths for during bath time.
  • Rubber Ducky – We have the safety rubber duck and it is great. The bottom has the word HOT written out and you can place it in the bath water, if HOT turns colors then it is too hot to put baby in.
  • Bath Wash/Shampoo/Lotion – We have the night time set and love it. It smells indexamazing! The scent it relaxing for baby before bedtime. On nights we don’t do a bath, I still use the lotion on him to keep the scent connection to bedtime. It is also nice to have non-scented option, in case your little one is allergic or if you want to use it during the day.
  • Baby Hair Brush – To help with cradle cap. We use it after bath time as part of our bedtime routine.


  • Car Seat – You will need the car seat base and car seat before you ever take baby 51174581_Alt01home. We found it easiest to buy a set that included the stroller. Our baby car seat snaps right into the car seat base and snaps right into the strollers. This makes transition the baby so much easier. It was a great buy for us.
  • Carrier Cover – Great for multiple reasons; keeps the sun off the baby’s face, protects from the wind and cold, blocks light and sound when baby is sleeping, keeps other people from touching your baby.
  • Car Mirrors – Ours attaches to the backseat headrest, it reflects in the rearview mirror so we can check on the baby as we drive.
  • Sun Shield – Hooks to the car window to keep the sun on the baby during car rides. We have them on both back windows.
  • Stroller – Again, we bought this as part of a set. I do like the 3 wheel strollers instead of four wheels, they are much easier to move around corners, etc.Make sure 14770592there is a place for your diaper bag to go, you will appreciate not having to carry it.
  • Chest Carrier – This was a great way to keep baby close to me while I did chores. He was happy to be close to me and I was happy to have my hands free. It is also nice for when you are going places you don’t want to bring a stroller.


  • Gripe Water/Gas Drops – Gas drops worked best for our little ones but a lot of my 7d745362244b9ccadb6ceef55335dff4friends love gripe water. I didn’t think this was a “Must Have” until we had a bad gas day with the baby. These helped him feel better and mellowed the crying for us.
  • Infant Tylenol – Just in case a fever ever happens, best to have on hand.
  • Thermometer – As a paranoid, first-time, parent, I am so so so happy we had this. It eases your worries when you can be sure they don’t have a fever.
  • Nail Clippers/File – Babies come out with some sharp nails. We used the file right away to keep him from scratching himself and us. Now that he is a little bigger we have started using the safety nail clippers.
  • Nursing Bras – I have only worn nursing bras since the baby was born. Get AT LEAST 2, if not more. Baby likes to spit up and it gets your bra a lot so be ready with bpa clean replacement. I bought cheaper ones from Target and they work perfectly for me.
  • Boppy Pillow – This pillow is great for nursing when you want your hands free. It gets the baby in the perfect position for feeding. It also can be used to help with tummy time and to sit baby up as he/she gets larger.

Large Items:

  • Rock-n-Play – It is a great place to set baby down for a minute or nap time. It rpvibrates, which baby loves. Because it is light weight I could move it around with me in the house. Also, the height of it makes it easy for you to get baby in and out of, right after birth, you will appreciate not having to fully bend over.
  • Play Mat – A nice place to lay down the little one during play time or tummy time. Not a must have but is a definite plus. Now that baby is seeing better, I think this will be used more often.
  • Swing – Not a need but it is a WANT! The swings are expensive, we have an awesome friend that loaned us hers. It is great for soothing a crabby baby or a swplayful baby. Ours has a mirror he looks up into, music and a mobile. He just loves it. When we are having a particularly bad night he goes in the swing. Between the swing and the pacifier, he usually will fall asleep. If we have to set him down while he is in his amazing playful mood, the interaction with the mirror and mobile keeps him happy.


I think I remembered most of the key items you need ASAP. You’ll see that I don’t have a crib or mobile, etc. on here but that is because our little guy is still sleeping in our room. If you are on a tight budget you can space out some of those big purchases, even after baby arrives.

Everyone is different on what they use for their baby but it was very helpful for me to get different opinions to make an educated choice on what we purchased. I’ll do a registry list after more time has passed to see what else we use and love. Good luck on baby shopping!

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Labor and Delivery – What You Really Need to Bring

Before giving birth, I read a million different lists on what to bring to the hospital. I ended up way over packing because of this obsession. The reality is that the hospital really does provide most of what you need. Here is a list of what we actually used:

For Mom:

  • Something to do (Book, IPad, etc)
  • Phone and Charger
  • Easy Snacks & Drinks (Gatorade, etc)
  • Hair Tie
  • Hair Brush
  • Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste
  • Chapstick
  • Lotion
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume/Body Splash
  • Make Up
  • Slippers
  • Flip Flops
  • Loose Fitting Outfit (Black if possible)

Notes: Every mom is different, you may want your boppy pillow to breast feed or hair dryer for after a shower. I only ended up using the basics. Be sure to have shower stuff, you will feel more like a human after you shower. I was happy I brought so basic make-up, again to make me feel human. You may drop most of your baby weight after delivery but you just gave birth so I would stick to comfy clothes, no jeans, also you are bleeding like crazy making black the best color. Also, dresses may not be comfortable to wear without leggings because of your giant pad!

What the Hospital Provided for Mom:

  • Water Bottle
  • Meals
  • Slipper Socks
  • Mesh Panties
  • Pads
  • Witch Hazel wipes
  • Dermoplast Spray
  • Peri-Bottle

Notes: Ask for extras to take home on the pads, panties and wipes. They were more than happy to give me some extras and I used all of them when I got home. I would maybe buy some wipes and Dermoplast spray and have it ready to go for when you run out. Take home the giant water cup they provide, I used it all the time while breastfeeding.

For Dad/Significant Other:

  • Something to do (Book, IPad, etc)
  • Phone and Charger
  • Easy Snacks & Drinks (Gatorade, etc)
  • Something to Sleep in
  • Extra Outfit
  • Deodorant

Notes: My husband didn’t end up sleeping much and when he did he just stayed in his normal clothes, so you can skip sleeping outfit if you wanted to but if you have a long delivery it could be worth it.

What the Hospital Provided for Dad/Significant Other:

  • Meals

Notes: Don’t worry he/she won’t need much.

For Baby:

  • Baby outfit (2 or 3) Just in Case!
  • Receiving blankets (2)
  • Hat and Mittens
  • Baby Carrier/Car Seat with Cover
  • Diapers and Wipes (Diaper Bag)

Notes: Weather dependent on if you will need a sweater or coat for baby. In case the weather is bad or even really sunny, be sure have your carrier cover to protect your new little one. I would bring multiple outfits in case there is a diaper blow out. Bring receiving blankets in case you need to clean up, I wouldn’t bother with the burp cloths, they are too small to really help.

What the Hospital Provided for Baby:

  • Pacifier
  • Swaddle
  • Diapers/wipes (while you’re there)
  • Baby Hat
  • Booger Sucker
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Baby Brush

Notes: Take whatever they give you, it will get used! Our little guy loves the pacifier he received.

I think I got everything we used. Again, this could vary for you but I packed everything and the kitchen sink and it was completely unnecessary. Good luck with your new little!

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Thought of the Day – June 6th, 2017

CaptureThis is a photo of our dark bedroom… I am staring at it because our adorable baby boy decided not to sleep tonight, that means I haven’t slept either. Dad helps but there isn’t much Dad can do when your breastfeeding. 🍼😩I can’t complain, he sleeps very well for a newborn, but tonight I’m exhausted.

So here’s to you fellow moms! We haven’t let these mini people take us down yet. We may be exhausted and counting down the minutes until our alarms go off and it is time for work… but we persevere. We feed, we cuddle, we rock, we silently murmur curse words but we still love the little devils more than anything in the world. 💙Just know, as you stare at your dark room, you’re not alone.

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The First Week: Baby’s Arrival

The first week with a new born is… overwhelming. It is overwhelming in the sense that you are learning how to care for this adorable baby, not getting a full night’s sleep, recovering from giving birth and so amazed and in love with this new little person that your emotions are in overdrive. It is a complete roller coaster, you go from holding your little one and watching them peacefully sleep (it is the best feeling in the entire world) to your little one having a crying fest. You’re learning to care for your child and your child is learning what it needs and how to communicate. I will say that compared to the horror stories people loved to share with us about the first week of a baby’s arrival, our son’s first week wasn’t even close. Here is some of what we heard about the big three (Eat, Sleep, Poop) and our actual experience.


  1. What we heard: “You will get no sleep, you will fight with your spouse and your house will be a disaster because you are too tired and busy with the baby.”
    • No Sleep: Yes, you get a lot less sleep but we were lucky and our little guy is a 18556264_10213006152057456_2360809012010620205_nsleeper! Only a couple days after being home he would sleep 4 – 5 hours, wake up and eat and then sleep another 2 ½ – 3 hours. We both would constantly wake up to make sure he was still breathing (first time parents for sure!) and some nights were worse than other but it was overall not bad. We were both home with the baby for the first week (I highly recommend this if it is possible to do) so we were able to sleep in a bit or nap, if needed.
    • Fighting with your Significant Other: This one was not an issue for us, there were a couple times that we were a bit crabby but no fights. We were so filled with excitement over our new addition that we were almost euphoric at times. It was actually a very intimate time for us as a couple. I think that our positive attitudes were helped by our baby sleeping at night and he his lack of colic or crying fits.
    • Messy House: Again, this was a non-issue for us. The first night it did look like a baby store exploded in our living room, it was trial and error on getting him to initially fall asleep at night… so we tried everything. Once that was figured out our house has stayed fairly clean and organized. Is it as clean as it usually is? No. But it hasn’t gotten out of control. I am not a big nap person, so while he took is morning snooze I cleaned and did laundry. The afternoon nap was for both of us. My husband also stepped up and completely too over cooking and cleaning up after, we usually take turns on that but I was still in recovery. (Don’t feel bad if you end up picking up take out or ordering a pizza!)
  2. What we heard: “Breastfeeding is such a special time between you and your baby. Breast is best! Just breast feed and then pump to stock up for when you go back to work.”
    • Breastfeeding Bonding: Yes, my son makes the most adorable faces and noises bcc28366826788f0d893c14c81169015when he breastfeeds. No, I don’t feel it is as easy and magical as I was led to believe. I talked about this in a previous post but breastfeeding is difficult, very difficult. It did feel like it helped the bonding between myself and the baby but it also made less bonding time for my husband. With how often the baby feeds and the fact that when the baby is crying the boob usually comforts him, it made my husband sometime feel cut out. He made the best of it! He would just laugh and tell me “when in doubt, whip them out” whenever the baby wouldn’t be comforted by anything else.
    • Breast Feed and Pump: UUUUUGGGHHH! First, your nipples feel like they will fall off, but carry on, eventually baby learns to latch better and your nipples become like steel. Between breastfeeding and pumping it felt like I did nothing else. I think there is a permanent dent in our couch cushion from my lack of movement. I was still sore and bleeding, that restricted what I could do but it was not a pleasant feeling to feel tied down. The lack of mobility was a real struggle, and still is, for me. I never went into a postpartum depression but I could see how it would be easy to do. I made sure we went on walks and trips to visit people, also having my friends stop by for a visit was great, the distractions allowed me to get through my cabin fever.
  3. What we heard: “You will go through more diapers than you can imagine, you can’t buy too many. Be ready for the baby to poop and pee on you.”
    • Can’t have too many Diapers: TRUE! I read about how many diapers a baby Swaddlers_355x215should fill a day, I was shocked that a little person would go through that many diapers. What that doesn’t factor in is when your baby pees/poops and you change their diaper and then you realize your baby wasn’t done peeing/pooping and immediately soaks the new diaper. Also, you could be in the middle of changing said baby and he starts peeing, sending urine spouting everywhere, covering your new clean diaper and potentially the diaper you frantically grab to cover him up. You really can’t have too many diapers, just be sure to get a variety of sizes. Our little man is over a month and still in newborns but we have friends who moved to size 1 in a couple weeks.
    • Your Baby will Poop and Pee on You: Yes, your baby will most likely get you at some point in time. It usually happens when your guard is down, like at 3am when you are half asleep and changing the diapers by the nightlight. Have a new diaper underneath your little one before you start changing them and keep a receiving blanket on hand (You also can’t have too many receiving blankets). I’ll warn you that baby poo can shoot out a surprisingly long distance. During the first week, this was something funny to laugh about together.
  4. What we heard: “You will be amazed at how you could love anything so much.”
    • I still look at his perfect little face and am blown away that he is ours. Any bad moment is washed away by the perfectly happy moments. We are soaking up every second because it is already passing us by, he won’t be a baby for long.

bcbaff47997ca067e6ab6ca891286952Our first week with our baby was amazing and made us ready for the coming weeks and months. I would do it all over again. Don’t let anyone scare you, it is nothing you can’t handle! Just do whatever works for you; breast/bottle, sleep train from day one/go with the baby’s natural schedule, cry it out or cuddle. Parenting is not an exact science, just keep that little one happy and healthy!