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Thought of the Day: July 31st, 2017

I guess I should call this celebration of the day! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ I have been pretty open with the fact that I have struggled with breastfeeding — not so much physicality but emotionally. The feeling of being tied down was a challenge.

Anyway, today I am celebrating reaching my first breastfeeding goal! Because of my struggles, I set a goal of 3 months. Today to my surprise I realized that I passed my 3 month goal days ago. To top it all off I have a small supply in the freezer. 

I am so happy and proud that I kept pushing through. It does get easier and easier. I know many women want to breastfeed and aren’t able to, I am thankful I had the opportunity. 

Next mini goal is 4 months!! 

Hooray for all the mommas keeping their babies fed, through breastfeeding, pumping, formula, or tube. All we want are healthy babies. ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ

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3 Months Post-Birth

I am 3 months out from giving birth! ๐Ÿคฐ I cannot believe how the time flew by. I’ve decided Birth is kind of like a wedding; we obsess over it, we spend a year preparing for it, reading, planning, organizing – and then, in one day, it is over. But! Surprise, surprise, it is really just the beginning. 

I read a lot about the first few weeks post-baby but not much about 3 months post-baby. I’ll say there were a few unexpected moments. 

  1. You lose your hair – SO MUCH HAIR! I had amazing, thick, hair while pregnant, between the prenatals and the pregnancy it was beautiful. Well I’m still on prenatals but the hair is going post-pregnancy. It clogs our drain and ends up on everything we own (our poor sofa). I cannot wait for this phas to pass.
  2. Did you know breast milk stains? It does. It leaves greasy marks on your clothing – no one warned me! Plus it is difficult to get out of clothing. I’m using an oxy product and it works pretty well but I’ll take recommendations. I’ve already lost a couple night shorts to this evil. After the first stain, I’ve been careful but it’s still a pain.
  3. You still don’t feel rested. At 3 months in I wasn’t expecting a full night’s sleep but I am surprised by how exhausted I still am. Our little one slept 5 hour spans his first month but then revolted against sleep. Now we are up every 3 hours. I am back to work full time and I won’t lie, the afternoons are a struggle. I am also still not drinking caffeine- I don’t even get an artificial pick me up to lean on. I dream of sleeping 5 hours in a row.
  4. You are still obsessed with your baby. We just stay home to be with him. Our friends ask us out and we’re like, “sorry, I’d rather stare at my child, but thanks.” We don’t want to miss any wiggle, cuddle, or smile. When he is at daycare most of the day we want our time with him. I’m afraid we will blink and he won’t be a baby anymore. I’m not sure when/if we will move on from this phase.
  5. Spit up, snot, drool, ๐Ÿ’ฉ poop, pee — none of it even makes you flinch. I never imagined that I would have spit up down my shirt and on the floor and not care. Bodily fluids are so common place the ick factor is gone, you clean up and move on. Also, you talk about bodily fluids ALL THE TIME, with your significant other, parents, friends… it’s hard to control that your little ones bodily functions impact your life so much.
  6. My house is messier than ever. Stupidly, I assumed that as he got bigger he would take up less time and I would be able to get more done. Oh, I laugh at myself for thinking that. He now sleeps less during the day and when he is awake I want to play with him or get baby snuggles. The house will wait — I’m guessing it will be clean again in about 18 years. ๐Ÿ˜‚

He is worth every poopy diaper We have changed and every drain we unclog. I joke about a lot of inconveniences but trust me I would do it all over again for his baby smiles. Oh parenting, there is nothing else like it – now let me go wipe the baby spit up off my leg. 

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Life Changes: Goodbye Debt

My husband and I have had a whirlwind year, we bought a house and had a baby. It has been a year of change, we decided to roll with these positive changes and focus on paying down our debt. Lucky for us we don’t have a lot of debt, outside of the house. A couple years of hardwork and focus and we can be debt free. 

Once we decided together (because this would be impossible if we weren’t both on board) to do this, the research began. I read enough articles and blogs to make my head explode with information. In the end we chose the Dave Ramsey plan. I liked his snowball plan; focus on your smallest debt, pay it off as quickly as you can, then put the money you used to pay for that (now paid) debt and put it towards your next largest debt… and so on. He explains his this method keeps you motivated and I agree. We need small victories to keep us excited for our end goal – a debt free life. 

With our basic plan and ultimate goal in place, it was time for the leg work. We put together a budget in excel (this was waaay easier than I was expecting!). Then we planned what we could afford to pay our bills, pay toward debt, and put in savings. I’m sure our budget will be adjusted more than once but it is a good starting point. We also made plans for some additional income, that will all go toward our debt. No vacations this year but it will be worth it to drop that debt!

After we finished the tedious work, I made us some fun visuals to help us. We bought cheap bottles of champagne ๐Ÿพ, a bottle for each debt we plan to pay off. I printed some champagne Coloring sheets and labeled them with each debt goal. I included percentages 5%-100% along the side of the image, this way we can color in the bottle as we move toward our goal. Every time we “fill a bottle” or pay off a debt we get to pop a bottle of cheap champagne! ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿฅ‚ Is this silly? Yes. Do I care? Nope! I like visuals, they help me stay on track, and I love having a celebratory moment to look forward to (even if it is an $8 bottle of bubbly). 

We have kicked off our payment plan and can’t wait to see our baby steps move us closer to our debt free life!

Has anyone managed to get debt free? What worked for you?

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The Funniest Newborn Moments

There are beautiful moments with your new baby, the first time they squeeze your finger, the moments when they stare up at your studying your face. Then there are moments that may not be considered beautiful but will definitely make you life. Here are a few of mine!

  1. The Baby Powder Incident: Our little man had a little bit of baby rash, so we started using baby powder to help prevent it. I was changing a dirty diaper, got him all cleaned up with a fresh diaper laid out, baby powder nicely spread on his bottom, when he let out a huge fart ๐Ÿ’จ. Baby powder shot out in all directions. All he could do was smile and I was dying from laughter. 
  2. The Poo Shoot: I knew that baby poo was liquid like but I had no idea how much until a fateful morning. It was 3:00am and I was changing a diaper, by nightlight, when our little man let out gas that was accompanied by poo. It shot out like water from a hose, I tried to cover it up with the clean diaper underneath him but I was too late. His poop literally hit me from the chest down, I’m lucky I didn’t get it in the face! Always be prepared for the poo and be okay with doing laundry at 3:00am. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. The Headbutt: Our little man has been holding his head up since the moment the doctor laid him on my stomach. He sometimes pushes it too long and on a daily basis will headbutt me and my husband. There are warning signs, his head starts to bob like a tiny drunken rock star and bam! ๐Ÿ’ฅ 
  4. The Climber: When he is laid on your chest, when you are sitting down, our little man climbs. He kicks and pulls and can make his way up your body and tries to go over his head. It is hilarious to watch him mountain climb and then look around so proud of himself. 
  5. The Blanket Addiction: He loves blankets, it is actually his obsession. Our baby like to hold on to his blankets or receiving blankets, then he carefully tries to stretch them out, takes a big chunk and shoves it in his mouth, or he will take the fists full of blanket and rub it all over his face. Oh and heaven forbid to take his blanket away! Not even three months old and he is already a blanket kid. It is the most adorable thing to watch.
  6. Baby Velociraptor: I love baby noises but my favorite our his playful cries, which happen to sound like a velociraptor. It makes my husband and I laugh every time. Every noise he makes is hilarious and he likes to make one and then stare at you, ready for your reaction, then when you laugh you get the biggest baby smile. How smart are these little ones?!

The past couple months have been the hardest months of my life in some ways but also the most joyful and rewarding. How can you love something with your whole being? It amazes me. Plus baby stories are the best.

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Best Newborn Moments

You always hear about the tough parts of being a new parent, I am guilty of this, you joke about the crying fits and sleepless nights. It isn’t often that you talk about those simple moments of absolute perfection that come along with a new baby . 

  1. Watching your baby sleep: Seeing your baby’s serene face when they sleep is a bliss. You get to study their every feature and they do look angelic. Their faces twitch and you get baby smiles and scrunched up noses, ugh it is amazing.
  2. Baby coos: The coos of a happy baby are better than music. Each squeal and giggle instantly brings a smile to your face. You can have full conversations with your little one, even if you don’t understand it.
  3. Baby snuggles: YES! I love for snuggles from my little man. They warm you up and let you get that baby smell. It is a peaceful moment when your baby’s head rests on your chest. You feel love surge from you to your little. 
  4. Playtime: Newborns don’t play like kids yet but they still play. I love watching our little man play with his fingers, lacing them together and pulling them apart, he also tries different facial expressions and gives the best smiles. Tummy time is impossible to look away from, he works so hard to roll over and move. 
  5. Baby stares: Our little human likes to stare at us, he studies our faces and follows our movements. When he looks at me with those big eyes, so trusting, so loving, it makes my heart melt. 

I understand why people get baby fever because the innocence of their love is incomparable. I know we have so much to look forward to but I’m trying to soak up these moments while I have them.

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Baby Milestone

We hit a big milestone this week, our two month old rolled over! I never thought I would be this excited about someone rolling over but then I had a baby ๐Ÿ˜‚. 

Milestones are bittersweet, it is so exciting to watch him progress but it is also one step closer to him not being my little baby. It is funny because he is all action, rolling over, trying to crawl, but not a big talker. He coos, squeals, and laughs but he isn’t as chatty as some babies. It is so fun to watch his personality forming. 

The negative on him now rolling over is he has to be strapped down everywhere. He has to be buckled down in his swing, rock-n-play and changing table. I wouldn’t have minded if he would have waited till months to roll over… He has had a strong neck and head control since the moment he popped out and started looking around. Now that he has rolled over early, I’m afraid we will have an early crawler/walker. 

Any other parents have a early roller? Did you also have an early walker/crawler?

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Our Little Barf Bunny

19430042_10213414357262331_6808690680035977157_nOur little man is 2 months old! He is more adorable than ever. It is amazing watching him discover things each day, his newest discovery is his fingers, he interlaces them then pulls them apart (he looks like a James Bond villain when he does it).

As we moved into 2 months with him we started a new issue. Let me pause and explain that he is what our doctor called a “barf bunny” (I laughed for a long time at that one), he spits up a lot but he is still gaining weight and healthy. Things started to get a little worse with the spitting up and he began to look like he was in pain after eating. We tried a bunch of things but it ended up just a case of acid reflux. We can handle spit up all over everything, it is just a lot of laundry, we can’t handle him hurting. I feel so bad for the little guy, he arches and cries… it is the worst to see your child that uncomfortable.

We are trying a few things for him; he is taking some medicine to help, we keep him 46412e0192079fde02036de64881a4d4ffa88aa518c731b4972fc5c2af4863ccsitting up after he eats, we burp him as he eats, I am careful of what I eat. Any other parents go through acid reflux issues? What worked for you? All advice is appreciated!

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Thought of the Day: June 27, 2017

I always thought that one day I would just magically feel like I was an adult. I first thought that it 919442would be when I went to college (I was definitely not an adult in college), then I thought it would be when I graduated college (still not an adult), marriage was the next stepping stone (now I was just not an adult with another person), buying a house (nope), finally having a kid, I was so sure that having a child would finally make me feel like an adult… I’m now upper twenties, own my own home, have a career, and am married with a family, but some how I still don’t “feel” like a grown up. I do a lot of adult things like pay my bills on time, do yard work on the weekends, complain about being tired at 8pm, but internally I’m still just do my best to navigate life.

Don’t get me wrong I have had moments that make me re-analyze and see that I am an adult; the first time I had to make my own doctors appointment, the first time I was called ma’am, the first time I didn’t get ID’d buying alcohol and the other day was a big one! I went to pick up my son from daycare and a little girl asked, “Are you Max’s mom?” OH MY GOSH – I am someone’s mother. I am an adult. Bam! It hit me like a grand piano falling from the sky.

nahrhup.jpgI always looked to my parents and my friends parents trusting that they knew what was best. They all seemed to have their lives completely put together. Now that I am at this stage I realize that they probably didn’t “feel” like adults either. I also realized that when I looked at adults as a child, they didn’t have all the answers either but they made it through and so will I.

Adulthood isn’t a feeling, it isn’t a change in your personality (you can still laugh at fart jokes), being an adult is made up of all the little moments of daily life. Every time you pay your car insurance bill, go grocery shopping (and don’t just buy soda and candy), when waking up early on a Saturday morning to spend time with your family means more to you then taking shots on a Friday night, that is being a grown up. You may not have all the answers to life but guess what? You are an adult.


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Things You Think About As A First Time Parent

I don’t think my mind has ever been so cluttered. Adding a baby to our family brought on so many thoughts and feelings. Sure my husband and I had discussed what we wanted to for our child but once that baby arrived, and we passed the survival mode, it became very real that our decisions will impact our child’s life.

The most important thing you can do for your child, I think we can all agree, is to love them. We have that part locked down, we are head over heels in love with him. It is the other choices that have my mind whirling. Here is a random collection of my whirlwind of thoughts.

  1. Financially Preparing: Adding a little person that can’t work or contribute financially means that you have some planning to do. You want the best for your child. For us this means a college fund. We can’t put away a lot yet but we wanted to get started ASAP. I know that even $1000.00 that you don’t have to pay back in student loans is worth it. You also think of life insurance for you, your spouse, and your child. If anything happens you want your family taken care of. We set that up prior to him being born, thankfully, it is one less thing on our plate. It is hard not to wish you had more spending money because you want to give that little human everything they could ever want. My husband reminds me that we have a house to live in, food always on the table and we don’t struggle to pay our bills… He’s right, we should be thankful!
  2. Your Career: Ourย  little one made us look into our future, a huge part of our lives now and down the line include our careers. It can make you question if you are in the right field. Do you have room for mental and financial growth?ย  Is your job flexible enough that you can pick up a sick kiddo? Will you get enough time, outside of work, to spend with your little? Priorities change.
  3. What do you expose your baby to: Do you try and turn off the TV more often? Less cell phone time? Should you take your baby outside or in crowds? There are so many things that run through a new parent’s mind. I keep thinking that he is already absorbing everything. Do I want him to even as a child see us sitting on our phones? Does it even matter yet? We had made an effort to get him outside, we want him exposed to sunlight and nature (in short and safe spans). We have also started taking him out, to friends homes, restaurants, so he gets used to changes in settings (he loves noise and people!). We also makes sure to let people close to us hold him (Be sure they are up to date on shots and not ill). We do this because we want him comfortable with people that aren’t us, it helped him prep for daycare and for future babysitters.
  4. Your Health: Suddenly my health and my husband’s health seemed to be a much bigger concern. We now have someone that can’t take care of himself relying on us. It makes you take a second look at your eating and exercise habits. Plus we want to set a good example for our little guy to follow. We want to show him eating health and staying active is doable and needed.
  5. What activities to participate in: Even with a two month old, you can’t help but start planning for the future. We want what is best for him and we want to give him options. We are already talking about piano lessons and what sport he will play because we want him to try different things until he finds his niche… Again, he is two months old! Planning the future is impossible to control.

The planning can cause stress at times but overall it is exciting. It is rush to think about what our future has in store for our family.

What thoughts did you have after you brought home your newborn?

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Things You Give Up When You Have A Newborn

There are so many things you gain when you become a parent but there are also a few things you give up. This list just makes me giggle.

  1. Sleep โ€“ Who needs sleep anyway? I do, I need sleep. My little one started his life sleeping really well for fairly long spans at night, but he has had some tummy rImiTnrFBnQbQhz6HHCVd9YQGW1d1WFk_lgtroubles recently so it has been waking up every two hours. Plus our little angel has been waking up ready for the day at 5:30am. Last night as I started falling asleep on the couch at 7:30pm, I looked at my husband and said, โ€œI am so tired.โ€ He took the little one and let me go to bed. It is amazing what a few extra hours of sleep can do! I dream of one day being able to have a full nightโ€™s sleep again. Yes, I dare to dream.
  2. Warm Food โ€“ I always heard jokes about parents not getting to have a warm meal but never understood the jokes. Now I get it. Every time dinner is ready something happens, a diaper explosion, he is hungry, he starts to cry, he is doing something so cute I canโ€™t look away. Your food ends up put aside because of your responsibilities and by the time you resolve the situation dinner is cold. It is a small price to pay for your adorable newborn.
  3. Clean Clothes โ€“ My son is, what my pediatrician calls, a barf bunny. He spits up like crazy (donโ€™t worry he is healthy!). I can carefully cover myself in receiving blankets but somehow, he always manages to spit up somewhere on me. Thank goodness baby spit up cleans easily. I quickly learned to not change into my work clothes until right before we head out for the day.
  4. A Clean House โ€“ I am a cleaner/organizer, so not having a clean house is like nails on a chalk board for me. I have worked hard to keep up but some days it is 3914629impossible. As I look around at the dishes in the sink, the un-vacuumed floor, and the laundry that hasnโ€™t been put away, I think to myself, I get to enjoy this for the next 18 years.
  5. Moving Quickly โ€“ I think back to BB (before baby), a friend would call to meet for a drink, I would fix my makeup, grab my purse, and go. Ah, the ability to move quickly. This is an impossible task with our little guy. There is a full process to go anywhere; check the diaper bag, change his diaper, get him strapped into the car seat, make sure he has his paci and a receiving blanket, oh he peed again so we have to change him again, take him out of the car seat, change him, get him into the car seat, get myself readyโ€ฆ 30 minutes later we are out the door. All of that is if he isnโ€™t hungry, add another 30ish minutes if I have to feed him.36-funniest-and-hilarious-parenting-memes-32
  6. Staying Out Late โ€“ We have a strict bed time, because if we donโ€™t then we suffer the consequences. Staying out past 8pm isnโ€™t really an option at this point. Our little man struggles with bedtime so we are trying to stay in routine (at a least a little bit!). It isnโ€™t just our baby that makes us come homeโ€ฆ Iโ€™m not sure about other parents but I am exhausted around 8pm. Even if he didnโ€™t need a structured bedtime, I need one!

As always! I will say that every negative of a newborn is far outweighed by the handspositives. Our little guy’s newest thing is to hold my hand while he falls asleep, my heart melts! Some many of the best moments of my life. But it is funny to look back at what used to be simple tasks and how they are now like entering a battlefield. I can’t wait to see how I feel when he hits his toddler phase!