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Thought of the Day: September 25th, 2017

untitledI was looking at other mothers’ social media accounts and every moment with their little ones looked so ideal. I wondered to myself if they ever have sleepless nights because baby decided it was playtime, or tear filled evenings because baby is teething.

Then I looked at my social media accounts and realized I probably look that same way from the outside too. My son is the biggest blessing we could have asked for but I wouldn’t call him easy. The baby giggles do make up for lack of sleep and tear filled moments are far out numbered by baby snuggles but it isn’t pure bliss.

So to any mother out there who is feeling less than perfect, just remember people don’t post pictures of screaming babies or bags under their eyes.

… but maybe we should.



A project obsessed, coffee/tea/wine drinker with a book problem. Current wife, new mother and recent homeowner.

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