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The Diaper Debate

Sorry it has been awhile since a post! Lack of sleep and a new job has had me running on empty. Respect to all new moms and dads ✊️ we are real life zombies.

Anyways, lets talk diapers. We received a variety of brands and our diaper keg. Some good and some bad. I’ll note we have a little boy and I’ve heard it can make a difference on favorite diapers.

Hereeee weeee goooo:

  1. Mom to Mom: First off these felt cheap. I’m all about saving money but there are Mom to Mom diapersplaces I won’t give up quality, like toilet paper, paper towels, and diapers. They didn’t seal as well around his waist, but did provide a higher waist (which I love!) and the absorption wasn’t just okay. Overall, no thank you. I actually gave away the pack we had because I refused to use them.
  2. Luvs: For some reason I know no one that uses Luvs but Luvsthey aren’t bad! I would say they are comparable to Huggies. I wish that they went a little higher up on his waist, I avoid diaper explosions at all costs. They absorb well. I wish that they had the color changing line like Huggies and Pampers, to show when they are wet. Not number one on my choice list but not bad!
  3. Huggies: Like I said Huggies and Luvs seem pretty similar to me. I like how they Huggiesabsorb but wish the waist went up a little higher. I also had issues with the poo coming out the leg holes. The colored line is on these! Totally unimportant but I love the Winnie the Pooh theme. Overall, I’m happy with Huggies and use them on a regular basis.
  4. Pampers: The juggernaut themselves. I’ll be Pampershonest, they crushed it. I love the fit, the waist comes up higher which helps catch any explosive moments. Handy color line is on them. They fit around the legs better than Luvs and Huggies. I have had almost zero leakage or explosions out the diaper when I use Pampers. If we buy diapers, it is Pampers Swaddlers.

Just my recommendations if you’re buying diapers for the first time. I would also recommend buying a couple different brands. You never know if your little will be allergic to a specific brand or maybe you’ll have a different brand that works best for you!



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