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3 Months Post-Birth

I am 3 months out from giving birth! 🤰 I cannot believe how the time flew by. I’ve decided Birth is kind of like a wedding; we obsess over it, we spend a year preparing for it, reading, planning, organizing – and then, in one day, it is over. But! Surprise, surprise, it is really just the beginning. 

I read a lot about the first few weeks post-baby but not much about 3 months post-baby. I’ll say there were a few unexpected moments. 

  1. You lose your hair – SO MUCH HAIR! I had amazing, thick, hair while pregnant, between the prenatals and the pregnancy it was beautiful. Well I’m still on prenatals but the hair is going post-pregnancy. It clogs our drain and ends up on everything we own (our poor sofa). I cannot wait for this phas to pass.
  2. Did you know breast milk stains? It does. It leaves greasy marks on your clothing – no one warned me! Plus it is difficult to get out of clothing. I’m using an oxy product and it works pretty well but I’ll take recommendations. I’ve already lost a couple night shorts to this evil. After the first stain, I’ve been careful but it’s still a pain.
  3. You still don’t feel rested. At 3 months in I wasn’t expecting a full night’s sleep but I am surprised by how exhausted I still am. Our little one slept 5 hour spans his first month but then revolted against sleep. Now we are up every 3 hours. I am back to work full time and I won’t lie, the afternoons are a struggle. I am also still not drinking caffeine- I don’t even get an artificial pick me up to lean on. I dream of sleeping 5 hours in a row.
  4. You are still obsessed with your baby. We just stay home to be with him. Our friends ask us out and we’re like, “sorry, I’d rather stare at my child, but thanks.” We don’t want to miss any wiggle, cuddle, or smile. When he is at daycare most of the day we want our time with him. I’m afraid we will blink and he won’t be a baby anymore. I’m not sure when/if we will move on from this phase.
  5. Spit up, snot, drool, 💩 poop, pee — none of it even makes you flinch. I never imagined that I would have spit up down my shirt and on the floor and not care. Bodily fluids are so common place the ick factor is gone, you clean up and move on. Also, you talk about bodily fluids ALL THE TIME, with your significant other, parents, friends… it’s hard to control that your little ones bodily functions impact your life so much.
  6. My house is messier than ever. Stupidly, I assumed that as he got bigger he would take up less time and I would be able to get more done. Oh, I laugh at myself for thinking that. He now sleeps less during the day and when he is awake I want to play with him or get baby snuggles. The house will wait — I’m guessing it will be clean again in about 18 years. 😂

He is worth every poopy diaper We have changed and every drain we unclog. I joke about a lot of inconveniences but trust me I would do it all over again for his baby smiles. Oh parenting, there is nothing else like it – now let me go wipe the baby spit up off my leg. 



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