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The Funniest Newborn Moments

There are beautiful moments with your new baby, the first time they squeeze your finger, the moments when they stare up at your studying your face. Then there are moments that may not be considered beautiful but will definitely make you life. Here are a few of mine!

  1. The Baby Powder Incident: Our little man had a little bit of baby rash, so we started using baby powder to help prevent it. I was changing a dirty diaper, got him all cleaned up with a fresh diaper laid out, baby powder nicely spread on his bottom, when he let out a huge fart 💨. Baby powder shot out in all directions. All he could do was smile and I was dying from laughter. 
  2. The Poo Shoot: I knew that baby poo was liquid like but I had no idea how much until a fateful morning. It was 3:00am and I was changing a diaper, by nightlight, when our little man let out gas that was accompanied by poo. It shot out like water from a hose, I tried to cover it up with the clean diaper underneath him but I was too late. His poop literally hit me from the chest down, I’m lucky I didn’t get it in the face! Always be prepared for the poo and be okay with doing laundry at 3:00am. 😂
  3. The Headbutt: Our little man has been holding his head up since the moment the doctor laid him on my stomach. He sometimes pushes it too long and on a daily basis will headbutt me and my husband. There are warning signs, his head starts to bob like a tiny drunken rock star and bam! 💥 
  4. The Climber: When he is laid on your chest, when you are sitting down, our little man climbs. He kicks and pulls and can make his way up your body and tries to go over his head. It is hilarious to watch him mountain climb and then look around so proud of himself. 
  5. The Blanket Addiction: He loves blankets, it is actually his obsession. Our baby like to hold on to his blankets or receiving blankets, then he carefully tries to stretch them out, takes a big chunk and shoves it in his mouth, or he will take the fists full of blanket and rub it all over his face. Oh and heaven forbid to take his blanket away! Not even three months old and he is already a blanket kid. It is the most adorable thing to watch.
  6. Baby Velociraptor: I love baby noises but my favorite our his playful cries, which happen to sound like a velociraptor. It makes my husband and I laugh every time. Every noise he makes is hilarious and he likes to make one and then stare at you, ready for your reaction, then when you laugh you get the biggest baby smile. How smart are these little ones?!

The past couple months have been the hardest months of my life in some ways but also the most joyful and rewarding. How can you love something with your whole being? It amazes me. Plus baby stories are the best.



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