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Best Newborn Moments

You always hear about the tough parts of being a new parent, I am guilty of this, you joke about the crying fits and sleepless nights. It isn’t often that you talk about those simple moments of absolute perfection that come along with a new baby . 

  1. Watching your baby sleep: Seeing your baby’s serene face when they sleep is a bliss. You get to study their every feature and they do look angelic. Their faces twitch and you get baby smiles and scrunched up noses, ugh it is amazing.
  2. Baby coos: The coos of a happy baby are better than music. Each squeal and giggle instantly brings a smile to your face. You can have full conversations with your little one, even if you don’t understand it.
  3. Baby snuggles: YES! I love for snuggles from my little man. They warm you up and let you get that baby smell. It is a peaceful moment when your baby’s head rests on your chest. You feel love surge from you to your little. 
  4. Playtime: Newborns don’t play like kids yet but they still play. I love watching our little man play with his fingers, lacing them together and pulling them apart, he also tries different facial expressions and gives the best smiles. Tummy time is impossible to look away from, he works so hard to roll over and move. 
  5. Baby stares: Our little human likes to stare at us, he studies our faces and follows our movements. When he looks at me with those big eyes, so trusting, so loving, it makes my heart melt. 

I understand why people get baby fever because the innocence of their love is incomparable. I know we have so much to look forward to but I’m trying to soak up these moments while I have them.



A project obsessed, coffee/tea/wine drinker with a book problem. Current wife, new mother and recent homeowner.

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