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Baby Milestone

We hit a big milestone this week, our two month old rolled over! I never thought I would be this excited about someone rolling over but then I had a baby 😂. 

Milestones are bittersweet, it is so exciting to watch him progress but it is also one step closer to him not being my little baby. It is funny because he is all action, rolling over, trying to crawl, but not a big talker. He coos, squeals, and laughs but he isn’t as chatty as some babies. It is so fun to watch his personality forming. 

The negative on him now rolling over is he has to be strapped down everywhere. He has to be buckled down in his swing, rock-n-play and changing table. I wouldn’t have minded if he would have waited till months to roll over… He has had a strong neck and head control since the moment he popped out and started looking around. Now that he has rolled over early, I’m afraid we will have an early crawler/walker. 

Any other parents have a early roller? Did you also have an early walker/crawler?



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3 thoughts on “Baby Milestone

  1. Is he able to roll over onto his back and then roll back over? My son used to roll over and get stuck and cry like 800 times a day. That might be more of like a 4-6 month thing haha. Just be ready!

    My son was crawling at six months and walking at ten months. I have the video when he started doing both of those things and my husband and I are crying hahaha. It seriously only gets better and better.

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