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Our Little Barf Bunny

19430042_10213414357262331_6808690680035977157_nOur little man is 2 months old! He is more adorable than ever. It is amazing watching him discover things each day, his newest discovery is his fingers, he interlaces them then pulls them apart (he looks like a James Bond villain when he does it).

As we moved into 2 months with him we started a new issue. Let me pause and explain that he is what our doctor called a “barf bunny” (I laughed for a long time at that one), he spits up a lot but he is still gaining weight and healthy. Things started to get a little worse with the spitting up and he began to look like he was in pain after eating. We tried a bunch of things but it ended up just a case of acid reflux. We can handle spit up all over everything, it is just a lot of laundry, we can’t handle him hurting. I feel so bad for the little guy, he arches and cries… it is the worst to see your child that uncomfortable.

We are trying a few things for him; he is taking some medicine to help, we keep him 46412e0192079fde02036de64881a4d4ffa88aa518c731b4972fc5c2af4863ccsitting up after he eats, we burp him as he eats, I am careful of what I eat. Any other parents go through acid reflux issues? What worked for you? All advice is appreciated!



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5 thoughts on “Our Little Barf Bunny

  1. My son spit up like CRAZY!!!!! There was no surface of my home that was not covered in spit up at one time. But he also was healthy and gained weight like a champion. We got our son the special spit up formula when he was a little older and then thickened breast milk with rice. That helped…a little. My tips are to get a million burp cloths, Scentsy to keep your house not smelling like baby barf at all times, keep carpet cleaner and couch cleaner on hand, and try to keep him seat up as much as possible after you nurse/feed him. That’s supposed to help, I don’t remember it helping hahaha. My dr said it’s just a developmental thing and at 9 months it completely stopped. Hang in there!

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    1. Thanks for the tips!! He is luckily healthy and gaining weight! We’ve just adjusted to everything being covered in spit up. It’s good to hear there should be a light at the end of the tunnel. Not that I don’t love finding dried spit up random places on my shirts and pants. 😂😂

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