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Things You Think About As A First Time Parent

I don’t think my mind has ever been so cluttered. Adding a baby to our family brought on so many thoughts and feelings. Sure my husband and I had discussed what we wanted to for our child but once that baby arrived, and we passed the survival mode, it became very real that our decisions will impact our child’s life.

The most important thing you can do for your child, I think we can all agree, is to love them. We have that part locked down, we are head over heels in love with him. It is the other choices that have my mind whirling. Here is a random collection of my whirlwind of thoughts.

  1. Financially Preparing: Adding a little person that can’t work or contribute financially means that you have some planning to do. You want the best for your child. For us this means a college fund. We can’t put away a lot yet but we wanted to get started ASAP. I know that even $1000.00 that you don’t have to pay back in student loans is worth it. You also think of life insurance for you, your spouse, and your child. If anything happens you want your family taken care of. We set that up prior to him being born, thankfully, it is one less thing on our plate. It is hard not to wish you had more spending money because you want to give that little human everything they could ever want. My husband reminds me that we have a house to live in, food always on the table and we don’t struggle to pay our bills… He’s right, we should be thankful!
  2. Your Career: Our  little one made us look into our future, a huge part of our lives now and down the line include our careers. It can make you question if you are in the right field. Do you have room for mental and financial growth?  Is your job flexible enough that you can pick up a sick kiddo? Will you get enough time, outside of work, to spend with your little? Priorities change.
  3. What do you expose your baby to: Do you try and turn off the TV more often? Less cell phone time? Should you take your baby outside or in crowds? There are so many things that run through a new parent’s mind. I keep thinking that he is already absorbing everything. Do I want him to even as a child see us sitting on our phones? Does it even matter yet? We had made an effort to get him outside, we want him exposed to sunlight and nature (in short and safe spans). We have also started taking him out, to friends homes, restaurants, so he gets used to changes in settings (he loves noise and people!). We also makes sure to let people close to us hold him (Be sure they are up to date on shots and not ill). We do this because we want him comfortable with people that aren’t us, it helped him prep for daycare and for future babysitters.
  4. Your Health: Suddenly my health and my husband’s health seemed to be a much bigger concern. We now have someone that can’t take care of himself relying on us. It makes you take a second look at your eating and exercise habits. Plus we want to set a good example for our little guy to follow. We want to show him eating health and staying active is doable and needed.
  5. What activities to participate in: Even with a two month old, you can’t help but start planning for the future. We want what is best for him and we want to give him options. We are already talking about piano lessons and what sport he will play because we want him to try different things until he finds his niche… Again, he is two months old! Planning the future is impossible to control.

The planning can cause stress at times but overall it is exciting. It is rush to think about what our future has in store for our family.

What thoughts did you have after you brought home your newborn?



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