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Thought of the Day: June 22, 2017

I recently read a post from a friend about all the negativity she receives because she is still single. People say they feel bad for her, they talk about how unhappy they would be without being with their S/O and having to date again. For some reason this really bothered me. You can be happy and single or unhappy and married. I would hate for people to think I was only happy because I met my husband. I was happy before I met him, and that happiness morphed into something new and wonderful because of him, but he is not the only means to my happiness.

de531944023f8a42ffbe178bb7995ee8--quotes-about-happiness-happiness-isIn my life I have decided that my happiness will never revolve around one person or one thing. First of all there is no reason that only one thing can make you happy, there is no limit on how much happiness you can have. Second, if you only invest yourself in your spouse, your job, or your hobby, what happens if you lose that part of your life? I have no intention of getting a divorce or my husband passing away unexpectedly but life can take you down unexpected pathways. If something happened and I know longer had my husband, I still have family and friends, as well as hobbies that I love. Would they replace my husband? Of course not. Will the other things that bring me happiness help me move forward with my life? Yes.

I’m not saying this to be negative or say that you shouldn’t be invested in your relationship 100%, I’m saying this because before you feel sorry for your single friends put some thought into their lives. Do they have people that they love and love them? Do they have a passion in life? Are they living life to the fullest? If the answers are yes, then there is no need for sympathy.



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