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7 Weeks Postpartum

Week 7 has been my most challenging week yet. There is a definite weight that has appeared. I don’t believe that I have postpartum depression but I can see how this feeling could easily pull me down that path. As I don’t want to end up in a depression, I told my husband how I have been feeling and he will watch for signs of anything getting worse. I know many women have been through this and I am not afraid to get help if I need it.
The weight makes my body and mind feel heavy and tired. It pounds my brain with what needs to be done, and what I’m doing wrong. I fend it away but it still comes slithering back.
It could be stress, lack of sleep, cabin fever, or all of the above. The last 7 weeks have been so amazing it is hard to understand how I have any negative feelings at all. None of these are direct at my little guy, cuddling with him makes me feel better, not worse.
We have been dealing with medical billing, little man has been waking up every 2 hours to feed at night (we were lucky and he used to sleep 4-5 hours at a time), and breastfeeding has me feeling tied down to our house. They are all temporary issues but my brain doesn’t listen to reason when I can’t sleep at night. There is nothing more frustrating than being exhausted and not being able to sleep. I stare at my sleeping son, knowing that I have 2 hours before he will wake up and sleep won’t be an option. It is awful.
I feel fine for the majority of the time and I will get help if it gets worse. After going through this I see how mothers feel ashamed to have these feelings, like why do I have the right to feel sad when I have a perfect baby? It feels like I am letting down my husband and my baby.
I want to say to all the mommas dealing with postpartum depression or baby blues, we can get through this! It is a temporary feeling. It is our hormones, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Get help if you’re feeling overwhelmed, your doctor is there to help you. Also, if you can, open up to your significant other. External support can help lift that weight.



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3 thoughts on “7 Weeks Postpartum

  1. So sorry to hear that week seven has got you down. Do you find writing/blogging therapeutic? I do look forward to your posts about what it’s like to have a newborn.


      1. It’ll be nice to be able to share that with him when he gets older, for sure. One of my most treasured things is my baby book. My mom says she regrets not filling out more of it.


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