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New Mama: Direct Sales

Where are my independent contractors at?? I’ve thought about doing direct sales but never made the jump. I want to ensure I’m selling a product I can really be an advocate for, I don’t just want to sell something to sell something. 

I realize how challenging direct sales can be and that is why I want to be a part of a product I love. If nothing else I’ll get a discount on a product I like! I’m looking at this as more of a fun business I can dive into on nights and weekend, not a way to not work full time. 

If I find a product I truly love, I also won’t feel like I’m annoying people when I talk/post about it.

Anyways, what products do you sell and do you enjoy it?? I’m still on the fence about doing direct sales. Comments are appreciated!



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5 thoughts on “New Mama: Direct Sales

  1. I sold Lipsense for awhile because I’m obsessed with it! I only did it for a few months and ended up getting over $300 worth of product for free. I stopped selling it when it started costing my money to place orders because of low volume. Lipsense only cost me $60 to sell it and there aren’t any quotas or anything like that. It was worth all the awkwardness of selling to my friends and posting selfies of myself all the time in new colors for the free Lipsense!


  2. Hello! I am currently with clever container and I have loved every minute of it! If you do not know what clever container is it is all about organizing! What stood out to me the most about clever container is the support from everyone! Just remember you need to find something that is right for you. ~Jess


  3. I work for mary kay! I looove it. My team is very supportive and really helped me get going! Not just business wise but i have only been selling for a couple months and as soon as i started i found out my mom had cancer and they supported me and checked up on me the whole way thru her surgery

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