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Things I said Before I had a Newborn

It is always hilarious to look back at what I have said and thought when I was younger. It is the same with a baby. I had so many opinions and thoughts on something I had never experienced. Again, it is fun to look back now that I have gone through having a newborn.

Things I said Before I had a Newborn:

  1. “I will never co-sleep, it’s too dangerous.” Ha! That went out the window ASAP. I read so much on not co-sleeping, how you could crush or smother your baby. Of course, this completely terrified me, so no co-sleeping was the plan. That is all well to say but when it is 3am, your little one cries every time you set him down to sleep, you are exhausted, and still healing from giving birth, your priorities change. I broke down and let him sleep on my chest. It was the best sleep we had since we brought him home. We still work to keep him in his bassinet at night but on a bad night co-sleeping has happened.
  2. “I’m sure we will want a date night a few weeks after he is born.” He is 7 weeks 36-funniest-and-hilarious-parenting-memes-32and we are still waiting on that date night. I was worried about keeping our relationship strong and not letting the baby completely take over but we have stayed incredibly close during this time. My body was still healing up until recently and that made a date night out seem unappealing. It’s hard to feel romantic when your boobs are swollen and you are still bleeding. Plus being back at work it is hard to give up the time we do have with him. At 7 weeks, we are finally at the point where we are ready for a short date night.
  3. “My baby will exclusively breastfeed until I go back to work, then I’ll pump and breastfeed.” I almost accomplished this one! Our little guy ended up taking a few bottles of formula when we first brought him home. His bilirubin was high and the doctor recommended supplementing with formula to help him poop and get it out of his system. When your baby’s health is on the line you do what you have to do, we supplemented with formula until his bilirubin was under control.
  4. “Pumping looks easier than breastfeeding.” Oh, young, naïve, me. Pumping is not easy, the only thing easier about pumping is that you can have someone else feed the baby and you don’t have to breastfeed in public (I struggle feeding in public). Other than that, it is more work because you have to hook everything up, pack up the milk, and then clean all your pumping parts. It makes some things more convenient but I wouldn’t say it is easier.
  5. “We will get him in a routine right away.” Yup, failed there. We tried but with a newborn we ended up just trying to survive. It was easier to let him create his own schedule at first. There were a few things that helped, making it clear which was day and which was night helped so much. We opened the blinds during the day, didn’t swaddle him, had noise going in the background, and got him outside. At night, we turned down the lights, kept it quiet, and swaddled him. As for a routine, like I said, he made the schedule but usually it is feed, play, nap. How long on each of those? Varies on his mood and sometimes he skips one of the steps completely. We have managed to get in a nighttime routine before we put him down to sleep. We give him a bath or we put on night lotion and brush his hair, put on a clean diaper and onesie, swaddle, then finish with a bedtime story. He may or may not actually fall asleep after our routine but we are hoping the consistency will eventually benefit us.pinterest-moms-meme
  6. “Since we will be home a lot this summer we can work on house projects.” I thought this would be easy, just work on the projects when he is sleeping. Nap times are short! During those few breaks we do laundry, dishes, and attempt to keep our house clean(ish). I am a neat freak and this has been a struggle for me to sometimes let things stay messy. As our little man gets bigger, things are getting easier (most days) but it is still a shock how little time you have.

I’m sure I said many more things that ended up being completely incorrect. It is fun to look back at what I thought before baby. I’ll wait a couple months and then I should be able to make fun of what I am saying now. 😊



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7 thoughts on “Things I said Before I had a Newborn

  1. Omg I love this post!! It’s so true how everything changes when you have a baby of your own! hahaha

    Couple thoughts I had:

    I said I’d never co-sleep too! It saved my life so many nights when my son was in a growth spurt or just freaking starving all night long!

    The first date night my husband and I went on was when my son was 6 weeks old and I ripped a stitch in my “delivery area” stepping off a curb and it was like all that healing time went out the window and I had to start from scratch!!! I don’t know that dinner at Chuys was worth that! hahaha

    Routines are for the birds! My son is 17 months old and we would get into a routine and then he’d be teething or he’d be in a sleep regression or a growth spurt or he’d have an ear infection or I looked at him funny when I put him down and it was all out the window. You just gotta roll with the punches and try your best!!

    Congratulations on your new baby Mama!!

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    1. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing from other mom’s, I learn so much. That was definitely not the first date that you look forward to!

      I’ve learned that it is easy to make plans until you have a baby in your arms that won’t stop crying! 🙂

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  2. You are a champ for managing to blog with a newborn! I never managed cosleep with my daughter. The need to sleep never outweighed the fear of crushing her, but oh how I wished that wasn’t the case!!! Great post.

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  3. The date night thing! I think it took us 3 years for that. Totally my fault. I was so scared to leave my child with anyone and I really regret it. Now we live in a different state from our friends and family and so date nights are pretty much nonexistent.


    1. We’re lucky to have grandparents near by to babysit but I understand not being able to leave! We are hoping that next weekend we will get a couple hours for a date night. If we don’t really push ourselves, I could us never getting around to it.
      Who knew a simple date night could get so complicated?!

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