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Thought of the Day: June 15, 2017

This morning a stared at my son, he is always so smiley and happy in the morning, and thought how lucky we are he is here and healthy. He is such a blessing to us. Having him changed us, our world tilted, and made him the most important thing.

It was a beautiful moment.

Then I felt the twinge, that gut dropping feeling of knowing we now have medical bills to Misleading-Doctor12pay. Now we have insurance but, due to some circumstances, we owe more than we were planning. It is enough that we have to contact our medical centers and hope they are open to working with us. Luckily, we both have stable jobs and will work to get it paid off. Is it stressful? Yes. Is it the end of the world? No (My husband reminds me of this daily). But this situation makes me think of people that don’t have insurance or, like us, have a situation where insurance doesn’t cover everything, and they end up $50,000 or more in debt. My heart bleeds for them. I’m not saying I have the answer but something has to change, a new mother shouldn’t look at her child and see a price tag, a person that just discovered they have cancer and will need treatment shouldn’t have to think “is my life worth the cost?”.

Medical costs continue to rise and our incomes aren’t rising at those levels. While this happens insurance rates continue to go up and high deductibles are more and more common. This pushes more people to medical bankruptcy. As a middle-class American, you don’t qualify for aid but you don’t have enough to cover the out of pocket. How do we fix this?

PS: I am not trying to start a healthcare debate, just thinking out loud. 😊



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