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Newborn Baby Photos, Oh My

I look at everyone’s adorable newborn baby pictures and wonder… How the hell did you do that!?

We have a close friend that is a photographer and agreed to do some newborn pictures for us. Now, I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, just a few good shots to put on our wall. All we wanted to do was swaddle our little guy and use a couple locations in our house to get photos. Simple enough, right? Well, we couldn’t completely swaddle him because he hates his arms being pinned down, we settled for a half swaddle. Then he spit up on the swaddle I wanted to use. Just minor things, but then it turned for the worse…

The flawless photos of other babies wasn’t happening for us.

Attempt 1: Our, usually happy, little guy decided to have a total meltdown. He wouldn’tevil-baby-meme-dumpaday-19 fall asleep and he would stop crying. It was impossible to get a good shot of him. After about an hour we decided to call it. Lucky for us, it was our friend doing the photos so we rescheduled. I don’t know how people do this if the photographer isn’t a friend and you have a scheduled time in a studio. Respect to all you parent’s that have it far more together than we do.

Attempt 2: We made it about 5 minutes in before he decided he didn’t like photos. This one wasn’t a meltdown but he was fussy enough that it was difficult to get a good shot. We tried feeding him, changing him, and even tried to get him to fall asleep… he still wasn’t having it. How is it we have a happy child the majority of the time but the second we need him to be happy he turns on us? To his credit these were after work and evenings are his most fussy time of day.

img_5339Attempt 3: We did these shots first thing on a Sunday morning, mornings are his best time. He was completely chill, this meant not a lot of happy smiles or laughs but still some beautiful pictures of him. Finally, we had enough good pictures for our wall!

It took us 3 tries to get worthwhile photos. How do you other parents do it? We decided to do another session when he is a bit older, being a newborn limits the window of happy, awake, times.

I should also give the amazing photographers credit here. The patience alone of doing newborn/child photos is mind blowing. Then to make those moments so beautiful, it is quite a talent.

Our photographer already sent us some sneak peaks of the photos and I can’t wait to have a few printed on canvas and hung up! Newborn photos were stressful and frustrating but totally worth it.



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