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Home Renovations: Laundry Room

Now that baby has arrived and we have survived the first 6 weeks, it is time to start house projects again. With our busy year, our projects will be small and on a budget. (Wouldn’t it be great to not have a budget!) The first project (post baby) on our new home will be our basement laundry room. It is the perfect choice because there is no rush and it is my test room before we do anything else to our dated, dark, basement. It is a no pressure project because, let’s be honest, no one cares what our laundry room looks like.

Pretty, isn’t it? Not. Blahhhh, I hate this room. It feels dingy and awful. I hate spending time in the room and I have to because of the washer and dryer.

Here’s the plan to make this room pleasant enough to do laundry in until we have the time and money for a real renovation.

  1. Rip out the scary uneven and broken shelves. I am afraid of what we will find living in and behind that stuff. It’s gotta go! I told my husband I would use a folding table over the awful shelving. (Due to my fear of spiders, dead or alive, I volunteered by husband and his friends to do this!) The picture really doesn’t do it justice, it is much worse in person.
  2. Paint the paneling. I’ve done my research and it’s time to test it out. I’m thinking a light grey or tan for the walls and an off white ceiling. I’m hoping the paint job alone will make this room feel more welcoming.
  3. Get a nice sized carpet for the cement floor. Nothing makes a room less comfortable than a cold, cement floor. Since we are budget bound and rug it is! I’m thinking something light and colorful, and as large as I can get it. (Recommendations on places to get a rug and not break the bank are welcome.)
  4. New curtain is in the line up. The one tiny window is all we have for natural light, it needs a good cleaning and a curtain that is pretty and can be opened and shut easily. I am hoping to draw the eye to our sliver of natural light. Also, a longer curtain may help it look more like a real window when we have it shut.
  5. Update the light fixture. Since the light fixture is currently a light bulb, anything I choose will be an upgrade. I’m leaning toward something industrial since this room will always be a work room and it is currently such a popular design.

Down the road, I want to install cabinets, possibly a sink, a drying rack, dry wall, and seal the floor. I basically want to gut the whole thing… one step at a time!

More pics to come as we start the project. With a newborn at home this may be a slow process. 🤗



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