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Thought of the Day – June 10th, 2017

Do you ever look at your baby and think “how are you real?”. I do this every day. His perfect face, tiny fingers, and round baby belly, he is amazing. I can’t believe we created this little being. 

I can just stare at him all day long, who needs tv when every wiggle and sound makes you laugh and cheer. 

I wasn’t sure about being a mother, I’ll admit babies scared me, but now having him in my arms I can’t imagine life without him. 

Motherhood has been a blessing but it is bittersweet, I wasn’t expecting that. We cheer for every new expression and sound but then you feel a hint of sadness because it means your little one is getting bigger.  I want to cuddle him forever but that isn’t an option he has to grow and develop. I’m just trying to soak up every moment with him because just like the crocodile that swallowed a clock in Peter Pan, time is chasing after us.



A project obsessed, coffee/tea/wine drinker with a book problem. Current wife, new mother and recent homeowner.

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