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Thought of the Day – June 6th, 2017

CaptureThis is a photo of our dark bedroom… I am staring at it because our adorable baby boy decided not to sleep tonight, that means I haven’t slept either. Dad helps but there isn’t much Dad can do when your breastfeeding. 🍼😩I can’t complain, he sleeps very well for a newborn, but tonight I’m exhausted.

So here’s to you fellow moms! We haven’t let these mini people take us down yet. We may be exhausted and counting down the minutes until our alarms go off and it is time for work… but we persevere. We feed, we cuddle, we rock, we silently murmur curse words but we still love the little devils more than anything in the world. 💙Just know, as you stare at your dark room, you’re not alone.



A project obsessed, coffee/tea/wine drinker with a book problem. Current wife, new mother and recent homeowner.

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