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That Little Thing Called Giving Birth

Well our little man refused to come out! As our due date came and went we scheduled induction as we hit 41 weeks. I hoped and prayed that he would arrive on his own but he decided to be fashionably late. I was disappointed it didn’t happen naturally but the most important thing was a safe delivery and a healthy baby. 

At 5:00am we arrived at the hospital and checked in. Then we went to our labor and delivery room. The bed was surprisingly comfortable, my husband said the daddy couch was not 😅. We got settled in, I was 3 cm dilated so I was given medication to help get things moving. And so began a very long day… I read everything I could about labor and being induced but nothing prepared me for how boring it was! The medication didn’t kick me into labor right away and we had to wait 4 hours between doses, I had 3 doses before it kicked in, we had 12 hours of just waiting. Note that hospitals are boring. We read, watched TV, and tried to nap. Around 5:00pm my labor was in full swing. 

Active labor, oh active labor! It is truly an indescribable pain. I had a combination of pressure pain in my abdomen with a sharper pain in my lower back. It was so painful I couldn’t move when a contraction was happening and I kept telling my husband we could only have one child. I

The amazing peanut ball
did my breathing through each contraction and tried to give into the pain, it was exhausting. Best thing I did was to get out of the bed and bounce on the peanut ball. Of course, it was still incredibly painful but it helped to have something else to focus on. Also, contractions make you feel like you have to pee all the time. I even got stuck on the toilet because I kept having contractions and couldn’t move.

I am proud to say I didn’t cuss or yell at my husband. I didn’t tell him to stop looking so comfortable, and I wanted him close to me but not actually touching me. The poor guy just wanted to help me but there wasn’t anything he could do. He was wonderful.

Epidural is my favorite thing in the world. I was in so much pain and couldn’t stop shaking. I couldn’t talk, my contractions were almost back to back so I wasn’t getting much down time to recover. Theepidural didn’t  hurt getting put in place, the worst part was that I had to hold still through my contractions so the doctor could place it. Once that kicked in I could talk and laugh, it was a night and day difference. Worth it! I admire women who go natural but I would do an epidural every time.

While in labor I was hooked up to the monitors to see my heartbeat, the baby’s heartbeat and my contractions. We began to notice the nurses discussing drops the the baby’s heartbeat. They explained to us that a drop in the heartbeat during a contraction is normal but our baby’s heartbeat was dropping after each contraction and they would have to monitor him closely. They had me lay on my side and then the other side trying to keep his heart rate up. We watched the monitor each time his heartbeat dropped and I did everything I could to hold it together and stay relaxed but we were terrified.

I was over 5 cm dilated at this point. Our doctor came in to break my water and told us that he had pooped inside of me. That meant the NICU nurses needs to be in the room for the delivery, as soon as he was born they would take him and clear his airways and ensure he hadn’t inhaled the meconium. Just another item to worry about.

Soon after our doctor was back, I was quickly dilating and with his continued heart rate drops they were concerned about his safety. It was time to start pushing and if I couldn’t get him out quickly then we had either an emergency c-section option or the vacuum. They walked us through what would happen if we had to do c-section. Our stress levels kept rising, we just wanted our baby safe and in our arms.

It was time to start pushing. Our fantastic labor and delivery nurse held one leg and my husband, who was totally set on not watching the delivery but staying up by my head, held the other leg. I had walked in so worried about pooping on the table and tearing but in the moment I couldn’t care less. Everything fiber of my being was focused on getting this baby out of me. Pushing was far more difficult than I expected, it was exhausting and I couldn’t even tell if I was doing in right. My husband and nurse kept me going, even when I wanted to lay back and give up. I pushed and pushed but he was moving down slowly. Our doctor walked in the door and she told us it was now or we would have to get him out another way. Four pushes later he came out! 

My husband told me later that black (the poop) came out of his mouth and nose, it was better I didn’t see that. The NICU nurses swept him away and cleared his airways, then we heard his first cry. The best sound in the world. 

They set him on my chest and he immediately lifted his head and looked right at us. He is a ridiculously strong newborn! It was a perfect moment. I didn’t know I could instantly love something so much. He changed our lives in one moment.

I found other women’s labor and delivery stories so helpful and calming, I am happy to share mine. And congrats to all the mommas and dads out there! 



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