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Pregnancy – A Week Overdue

Well, hello 41 weeks! I never thought I would have to meet you but here we are….

Now 41 Weeks!

Here I sit 41 weeks, still pregnant, 3cm dilated and really done being pregnant. Our little guy has decided never to vacate my uterus. When the baby won’t vacate, it is time for an eviction notice, we are scheduled to be induced this week. That was a disappointment for me, I really wanted to let him come out when he was ready but my sanity is quickly slipping away with each day. As we creep up toward 42 weeks there are so many additional worries that it was time to get being induced in the books. I will remind mommas that being induced doesn’t make you a bad mother. I have had a great pregnancy and worked hard to be healthy for me and the baby for these 9 months. I remind myself I did nothing wrong, sometimes intervention is needed. Time to focus on the good, we finally get to meet this little human we have created!


The worst parts of being overdue:

  1. The calls/texts/messages – Every day I get a variety of contacts from friends and family. Usually it is “still pregnant?” “no baby yet?” In my sarcastic mind I think “Nope, we had him and hid it from all of you.” I mean come on! Even my parentsk2UxqWHyGSHA99ebdxdca8Px9NuC1fU9_lg and in-laws ask and they would be the first to know. I remind myself this comes from a place of love and caring but at 41 weeks my temperament is not a mild as it usually is. I also seem to jump to the voice of Inigo Montoya – “Hello, my name is Colleen Bsharah, ask me if I’m still pregnant and prepare to die.” I am well aware I’m losing my mind.
  2. The looks of sympathy – I hate this so much. This look involves a slightly tilted head, pursed lips and sad eyes. It makes me want to hit people. I’m pregnant, I’m not dying. I know that I am uncomfortable, feeling sorry for me doesn’t help. The look actually makes me feel worse, like something is now wrong with my pregnancy. Again, I remind myself that baby and myself have been healthy and there is no exact science to labor – nothing is negative about being past my due date.
  3. The jokes – This is not the time. “Oh, I guess you’re going to be pregnant forever.” “I guess we will be seeing you tomorrow because we know that baby isn’t coming out.” I appreciate trying to lighten the mood with humor… but currently I’m not in a humorous mood. Don’t worry, I laugh and smile but inside it is a struggle.
  4. The impatience – This one is all me! Every funny twinge or Braxton Hicks overduecontraction makes me jump to labor. “Oh, that’s a new pain, is this labor?” – it isn’t. My husband is just as guilty of this one. We can’t help but be impatient to meet our little guy and the further past the due date we get the worse it is.
  5. The time to think – With being induced looking likely, we know when we will be delivering and this means that I have ample time to think about going through labor and the fact that we will be bring home a baby. Being able to sit here and countdown the hours until we go to the hospital makes everything more stress (and exciting). My mind is constantly thinking that 24 hours from now I could be holding my son, it is very distracting. 🙂

Hang in there overdue mommas! Trust me, I feel your pain! If we have made it nine months and created a human being, we got this.

One piece of advice – get off the pregnancy discussion boards, take a break from the pregnancy books and find other ways to keep yourself busy. Once I stopped burying myself in pregnancy information it relieved a lot of stress and let me enjoy these last moments of it just being me and my little one.

Pregnancy and Birthing Affirmations



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