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Co-Ed Baby Shower

The baby shower, I was dreading this event. I don’t enjoy baby showers. They always feel

Some happy future Grandparents!

very forced and awkward to me. The games are awful and I can only ooo and ah over some many onesies. I know this makes me sound negative but they are just not my cup of tea. When it came time to planning our baby shower I had a couple rules; 1. My husband had to go (if I had to go so did he) 2. No awful games. I wasn’t very demanding. Since my husband had to attend it was a co-ed baby shower (which we loved!) and we had a diaper keg to appease the guys. This made our theme a baby is brewing!

Baby Shower Basics

  1. Invitations
  2. Decorations
  3. Thank You Gifts
  4. Food
  5. Drinks
  6. Activities

This was the list that we started with – the very basics. I’ll give you some more information on what we did from here. If you want a traditional baby shower then this is probably not advice you would want to take. 🙂

  1. Invitations – Get your needed number, I needed around 50 invitations. I checked invitepricing on invitations at Walmart and Target there was a lot of variation on quality which impacted pricing. For the 50 invitations of a decent quality I was looking at around $30.00ish. This wasn’t bad pricing but if I purchased invites at a box store then we would have had to hand write each one. I decided to check online and by waiting for a Shutterfly sale I spent around $45.00 dollars and didn’t have to hand write a thing! I was willing to pay for the additional convenience and quality but under a strict budget you are still best off going to a box store. We sent the invite about 3 weeks prior, because of the casual set up of our baby shower we didn’t require an RSVP and that took a lot of work out of the process.
  2. Decorations – We hosted our shower at my parent’s house, it is already a beautiful home so we did the minimum in the way of decorations. Although we knew the Maximusgender of our little one we still did very gender neutral, tans, whites and grays. Each table have a white or burlap table cloth, there were a few mason jars of daisies, a few lanterns, balloons and tissue paper balls. We also had Max’s name written out on a burlap sign. I bought nothing expensive and it all looks adorable. We left a few balloons just lying on the ground – this was a huge hit with the kiddos that came. I shopped at Hobby Lobby and Walmart for all of this and went for sale items, like the burlap. The flowers were so cheap from Walmart and lasted for over two weeks, I was so happy I didn’t go to an expensive shop!
  3. Thank You Gifts – I hate thank you gifts. They are usually something small, like a candle, that no one really wants. Plus, you host a party for people to bring you gifts, then you have to give them a gift for giving you a gift? It just doesn’t make sense to Thank youme, I’m not going to a baby shower to get a gift from the soon to be parents – but maybe that’s just me. I tried Pinterest for ideas but either the gifts were far to elaborate or were more time consuming than I wanted. I ended up doing small grab bags of candy with a little thank you attached. They looked very nice in a glass bowl and then guests could just grab one if they wanted it. Quick, easy and popular with the guests!
  4. Food – Initially I was going to do something more substantial like a taco bar but finger foods still work the best for drop in gatherings. We did lots of fruits and veggies, finger sandwiches, and a couple desserts (fruit pizza, cookies, and rice crispy bars). I am very, very thankful we did finger foods, you don’t have a ton of prep work, everyone can find something they like, and you don’t have to monitor crockpots or hot dishes. If our shower had fallen during warmer weather I would have opted for a BBQ but for us it was still winter season. All the food laid out nicely on glassware, this made the food table its own decoration. Myself, my mom, mother-in-law, my best friend and her mom all took an item to make/bring, which worked perfectly.
  5. Drinks – This was key for our friends and family… they enjoy a good drink! We did a big non-alcoholic punch bowl for kiddos and non-drinks. We also had an ice bucket filled with sodas and bottled juices. I believe we did four bottles of wine (2
    Diaper Keg Success

    white, 2 red) and then did a mini keg of a domestic beer for the diaper keg participants. To participate in the diaper keg a guest just had to bring a package of diapers (people were so generous on this!) their package of diapers got them a red solo cup and access to the keg. I can’t tell you how great with worked out for us, the guys still felt “manly” with a keg there but the women enjoyed it just as much. It was easy for us to set up and we received so many diapers and wipes! Win/win! If we choose to have another child, I am not ever planning to do a baby shower again but I would do a diaper keg in a heartbeat.

  6. Activities – I mentioned my aversion to baby shower games, which is why we did more of a social/mingle than anything organized. Although I don’t enjoy games we did have a couple things to do; the diaper keg (this kept the guys entertained, just standing around a keg was more than enough for them), I had a station to fill out an envelope with your address (DO THIS! It gave guests something to do and then my thank-you envelopes were already addressed – best idea ever), and write a message to the parents on a diaper station (all you need is newborn diapers and markers, let guests write a funny message on the diaper). It was more than enough for people to do. We ended the shower with opening gifts, this let guests leave if they didn’t want to watch us open an hour’s worth of gifts or stay and enjoy it with us.


I should have taken more pictures but guests showed up early and then there wasn’t a quiet moment until everyone went home! For a person who doesn’t love baby showers, I really enjoyed our baby shower. It was low key and fun, just a social gathering for friends and family. I think the best advice for planning a shower is to make it fit the personality of the soon to be parents. Not everyone is the same, make it an event they will enjoy.




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