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Pregnancy: The Due Date

Here it is, the date that has been circle on our calendars and programmed into our phones – our due date. At this point our little mister doesn’t seem to be ready for his big debut. It is not easy to reach your due date and not have a baby in your arms or a sign that you will be having one soon. The doctor tells you that a due date is not an exact science and, as a first-time mother, I am well aware that it is very likely to go past your due date. All that being said, it still isn’t easy.

To try and keep myself from sitting around depressed that I’m still pregnant, I have been thinking about my pregnancy and the big moments that I will never forget and mean so much to me.

Positive end of pregnancy thoughts:

  1. The Day I Thought I was Pregnant – Before you take the pregnancy test you have a 8561cd24-8f95-4b97-acb0-626a918d619fmoment when you are thinking to yourself… I might be pregnant. That day is so clear in my mind and now is such a treasured memory. I had just taken a nap two days in a row and, it is basically impossible for me to take a nap, so my husband made a joke about me being pregnant… Bam! My brain started piecing the puzzle together; naps, my last cycle, feeling “off” all the time. It was raining outside and, since I felt “off”, I went outside for some fresh air. Sitting on the front steps and watching the rain my mind was spinning with thoughts; “Could I be pregnant?” “Would I be excited if I was?” “Oh my, we could be parents?!” Then I reached a surreal moment; thinking about my husband holding our baby, little baby fingers around mine, telling our parents they would finally be grandparents, growing our family to include another little being. I picked up the pregnancy test that afternoon. (It is raining today, on our due date, it made it impossible not to think about that day.)
  2. The Day I was Sure I was Pregnant – The pregnancy test was sitting under our bathroom sink just waiting for me. I decided to wait until morning to take it, the directions said it was most accurate right when you woke up and I wasn’t taking any chances. I didn’t tell my husband anything, unless that test was positive there was no reason to make him lose sleep too. That morning I took the test, I flipped it over to wait the “two minutes” it required, I couldn’t watch it. Two minutes later… there it was… the infamous plus sign. My hands were shaking with adrenaline holding that little pee stick. Now I could have waited to tell my husband, I had seen so many adorable ways to tell the future father but patience is not my strong point. In my true awkward fashion, I burst into our bedroom, flipping on the light, holding out that shaking pregnancy test, demanding to know if that was a plus sign. It was definitely a plus sign. We stared at each other, unsure of what we do from there. After a nervous hug and kiss, we went to work, the pregnancy still not seeming real. (Don’t worry we celebrated later.) It wasn’t romantic or whimsical but it was real and it was very us.
  3. Telling the Grandparents – I will tell you that my husband and I both have older siblings that don’t have children, this made our parents a bit impatient with us on producing a grandchild. We knew telling them would be a big moment for both. It was still early in the pregnancy but we were about to leave for my older sister’s wedding and there was no way my parents wouldn’t notice me not drinking. We picked up a burp rag and a pacifier for each set and wrapped them up. Back to back we delivered our gifts. I’m not sure if we received stronger looks of excitement or relief from them but everyone was thrilled. It felt so good to share our news with someone that was as happy with the news as we were. Everyone else would have to wait to find out until later in the pregnancy… well, that was the plan anyway. My dad broke down and told most of the family at the wedding – oh well!
  4. The Pregnancy Announcement – As we moved further along in the pregnancy we 14642256_10210948416495353_7055224198135556438_ntold close friends and family about the baby, we felt that they deserved to know before it went out to the world. We had our picture taken with April 2017 written out and were ready to share the news. I true modern fashion, we shared the news on social media and didn’t mail out an official announcement. The outpouring of congratulations and support was truly amazing. What is even more amazing is that people followed through with the support through visits, gifts, or a text to check in. Babies really do bring people together in a very unique way.
  5. The Baby Kicks – October 7th, 2017 and November 27th, 2017 are the dates that I felt our baby kick for the first time and then my husband felt him. Tears happened… it was the best and strangest feeling of my life. We were creating a little being! It really helped my husband feel more connected to the pregnancy, the fathers really get left out at the beginning. Soon after these we could feel our baby wiggle and punch every day. We already have an active little guy.
  6. The Gender Reveal – As first time parents, we found it impossible to wait to find revealout if our little one was a boy or girl. My husband, who rarely asks for anything specific, really wanted to pop a giant balloon with confetti in it for our reveal. After waiting and waiting, the date came for our ultrasound. Of course, baby was difficult and wouldn’t show the gender until the very end of the appointment. That ultrasound was far more emotional than I was prepared for, seeing our baby’s heart beat and legs kick was almost too much for me. Absolutely amazing! That night we got our immediate family and best friends together and popped that giant balloon. When the blue confetti shot out everywhere, it became more real than ever that we would have a little person joining us.
  7. Picking a Name – For us this was decided the second the blue confetti flew out of the balloon. My husband had loved the name Max forever and knew that is what he wanted his son to be named. Now we didn’t just say “baby” we said Max. Another step closer to our little guy’s future.
  8. The Baby Shower – It is no secret that I do not enjoy baby showers but I do enjoy parties with our friends and family. Having everyone together to talk about baby Max and see us again before we were a family of three was fantastic. The gifts obviously helped us, especially our very successful diaper keg (I recommend a diaper keg!) but getting to spend that time as a family was something special.
  9. The Nursery – Finishing the nursery felt so therapeutic. When you have nesting in IMG_4706your blood you need something to work on! The nursery helped make you connected to your little one and took care of the need for projects. Our little guy won’t be in there for a while but just knowing it is ready when needed calmed my fraying nerves. I love to walk in there and just look around, knowing that soon it will be Max’s room.
  10. Packing the Hospital Bags – This may not be a big deal for most mothers but packing the bags felt very final to me. We picked out Max’s first outfits and really thought about what we would need before and after he arrived. That was a good feeling to go through the full process of what would be happening. Now we would just wait until the big moment.

There are my positive thoughts! Although I won’t lie and tell you I am sitting here, nine months pregnant, looking at my due date tick by, in a perfect zen like mood. I am tired, impatient, and uncomfortable. The positive memories do help ease the annoyance that is trying to build up.

We are ready for you little man!




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