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Last Week of Pregnancy: The Reality

I have watched my fair share of co-workers, family and friends go through pregnancy and there is a clear wall that women seem to hit when they reach the final weeks before the baby is due. With a week left until my due date I have run smack into that wall. It is a brick wall, and I think it beats you when you are down. I have mentioned before that my pregnancy overall has been wonderful but there have been some interesting developments, especially in the last few weeks.

Last weeks of Pregnancy: Things I wasn’t Toldpregomeme

  1. Lack of Sleep – Wasn’t this going to happen after the baby arrived? I mentioned this in a previous post about third trimester but it has only gotten worse! I cannot get comfortable, I sleep with a body pillow on either side of me but it is basically impossible to get comfortable. If you do find the magic position to sleep in, that is always the moment you will have to pee. My lucky husband that has to sleep next to me is just as impacted as I am. Who needs sleep right before they have a newborn baby? I DO! I need the sleep! Feel free to give recommendations on sleeping at the end of pregnancy, because I am gradually becoming a zombie.
  1. TMI (look away if you need to!) Bathroom Breaks – You pee AND poop all the time. My friends always talked about the constant need to pee, which is very true, but no one mentions the pooping part. At the end of pregnancy, the baby is clearing out your system for the big day – Lucky you! The bathroom becomes a second home. Plus you are on constant bathroom lookout; Did you lose your mucus plug? Any bleeding? Did your water break? I have never cared so much about using the restroom before.
  1. Your Baby is Huge – At the end of pregnancy your baby is large, this seems obvious but I wasn’t prepared for what that really meant. Those adorable kicks and wiggles are now like the ocean rolling across your stomach. Baby stretches out and simultaneously can get your ribs and your cervix… it is impressive. With the baby’s head most likely in your pelvis it is literally a pain in your crotch. Sometimes it is little lightning shot of pain and other times it is just an uncomfortable pressure. Finally, you are just uncomfortable with this additional weight and pressure on your belly and body.
  1. Braxton Hicks – I have heard from so many people that they didn’t feel Braxton braxton-and-hicksHicks or it wasn’t anything but a little extra pressure in their abdomen. Mine are not painful but they are definitely not pleasant! My entire belly goes hard, there is an uncomfortable amount of pressure, I can’t stretch or move until it passes. The worst part is that they happen all the time and as an excited first time mother it is impossible not to hope that could be the real thing, maybe it is the kickoff to labor. I’m happy my body is preparing for the big day but if it could not keep giving me false hope it would be fantastic.
  1. Lack of Focus – This one may just be me! As we near the due date my brain is all over the place; Do we have enough burp cloths? What if I go into labor at work? What color hair will my baby have? I need to finish work project A and B before I go onto maternity leave! It is just ridiculous to try and control my thoughts. I try to remind myself that we are as ready as we can be; our bags are packed, the baby has clothes, bottles and diapers, the car seat is hooked up, I have worked ahead at work to help my co-workers while I’m out. This calms me for about five minutes, then I repeat the process. I also can’t stop obsessing about going into labor, I want my baby out of me and in my arms and it is constantly on my mind.

Pregnancy has been more emotional and wonderful than I ever imagined but at this point baby can get out anytime. Come on mister! Today is a great day to enter the world!




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