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Third Trimester: What not to Say

A week from my due date… let’s have an honest conversation about the end of pregnancy. I will say that my pregnancy has not been as rough as a lot of the women I know, and I am so thankful for all the discomforts I have avoided, but I am about at the end of my rope with 1 week till my due date. Due to my current lack of patience and overall crabbiness, little statements are easily getting under my skin.

What not to say:

  • “Wow, you look super pregnant” or “You look about ready to pop”Orangatan-Pregnancy-Meme-Humor
    • I know these are not meant to call me fat or offend me but when my stomach feels this large and I have to waddle everywhere, it is not appreciated. I am very aware of how far along I am and how large my belly is.

What to say instead:

  • “Wow, you look great” or “Here have a candy bar”
    • Telling someone, especially a very pregnant woman, they look great is always appreciated. Even if it is a lie, it really makes me feel better that I might not look as rough as I feel. Also, I would like a candy bar right now.

What not to say:

  • “I have a feeling you are going to go way over your due date
    • Do you want me to physically hurt you? I know I could go over my due date but, with lack of sleep, an aching back and constant Braxton Hicks, now is not the time to bring that up. Feel free to think what you would like in your head but don’t even whisper any date past that due date.

What to say instead:

  • “He/she could be here any day!”
    • Yes! Positive thinking is the key! It can’t hurt to put that sentiment out in the universe, right? I mean woman take shots of castor oil and eat whole pineapples, why not give this a try too.

What not to say:

  • “Only a week left, now let me tell you a graphic and horrifying pregnancy story, e87d9884aa71f7a3ac5975f13baf13abwhere everything that could go wrong did go wrong.”
    • Are you kidding me! I’m days away from giving birth, it’s too late for me to go back… not helpful. If your best friend was in labor for 35 hours or your niece had third degree tears and had to sit on ice for weeks, I just don’t need to know that.

What to say instead:

  • “Let’s not talk about labor, let’s talk about the adorable little human you get to bring home.”
    • Don’t get me wrong I have done so much research on labor and talked to all my friends and family about their experiences but with only a week left I have all the information I need. I am ready to focus on the end result, the little man that I am dying to meet and bring into my family.


Yes, I know I am being sensitive but at this point I am lacking my usual control over my emotions. When people say these things, it is not from a vindictive place, they just want to share in your experience and share their experience (Remind yourself of that fact!). Also, I really cannot complain because my pregnancy has been beautiful and I have so much enjoyed my one on one time with my son.

Final thought – The best thing I hear is how amazing it is when everything is over and you have your baby in your arms. I love that parents get a wistful smile and talk about how wonderful the whole experience was and how every step is worth it.

39 weeks, only one week till due date! Hoping for his arrival sooner rather than later!




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