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Third Trimester: Symptoms and Surprises

I have less than 5 weeks until baby’s dues date! At this point in my pregnancy people always ask me the same question; “Are you starting to get uncomfortable?” And I always respond with a generic reply that doesn’t go into much detail… I mean, does my high school classmate, that I haven’t seen in five years, really want to hear about my heartburn and aching ribs? Then this person always shakes their head at me and says just wait a couple more weeks then you will really want the baby out. In my head, I think, “Why thank you stranger, I wasn’t aware that my child will get larger and towards the end I will most likely be very uncomfortable”. I may be a little crankier than usual…

Anyways, I will write about the rest of third trimester after I survive it but today I am going to talk about symptoms and surprises during the beginning of third trimester.


  1. Heartburn – I thought I knew what heartburn was but I was wrong. My little guy enjoys staying lodged up under my ribs and it has made my heartburn just terrible. I Multi Colored Antacid Tabletsdidn’t realize how nauseous heartburn can make you. I have had a couple of close calls where I have almost thrown up because of it. During the day, I do pretty well, I know if I’m about to eat something spicy or heavy I might as well pull out the antacids. Tip for this time in your pregnancy: Carry a bottle of antacids in your purse, it has been a lifesaver for me. Night time heartburn was an unpleasant surprise, when I lay down to go to bed I instantly get heartburn. Who needs sleep, right? This is why antacids are my third trimester best friend.
  2. Back Pain – I have had back pain for most of my pregnancy, so this wasn’t much of a surprise but as my belly gets larger the pain gets worse. It really flares up at the end of the day. I think I stand and walk differently since my pregnancy has started and, after a full day at work, it catches up with me. Warm (not hot) baths help relax away that discomfort. I have also found strategically stacking pillows on the couch, to give my lower back extra support, while I’m in a reclined position is amazing (perfect set up for reading a good book!).
  3. Nesting – Did this blind side anyone else? I read about nesting and was wondering if it would impact me and, if it did, if I would even notice because I’m already a bit of a nestingnester… well it did and it was impossible to miss. About two weeks ago (33ish weeks) I suddenly wanted everything done and I wanted it done that night. I quickly became obsessed with the nursery and the baby supplies. I just continue to find myself projects to do because doing nothing doesn’t seem like an option anymore. Sometimes I’ll just walk into the nursery and look around mentally noting anything else that I can get done. My poor husband has been dragged along through this phase because I can’t move anything heavy and I usually need some help with the different projects I find.
  4. Obsession with my Belly – I’m seriously obsessed. I can just stare at it for hours. Watching and feeling baby wiggle is still so mind-blowing to me and as he gets bigger it just amazes me more. I can’t help but keep a hand on my belly and smile every time I feel a movement. This one has also impacted my husband, he is as obsessed as I am. It took a little while before I really started showing and now that I am it is more real to us that about a month we will have a baby joining us. If I am this infatuated with baby when he is still inside of me, I can’t even imagine what it will be like once he is born.
  5. Lack of Sleep – I was prepared for this to happen after the baby arrived but I wasn’t ready to already be giving up sleep already. Between my constant trips to the bathroom, my mind refusing to shut off, and the impossible task of getting comfortable, sleep has become a struggle. The best thing I have found is sleeping with a pregnancy pillow on either side of me (this way I can toss and turn and not bother the hubby as much) and stretching out my torso as much as I can. Since our little one is right under my ribs, the longer I make my torso, the more comfortable I am.


maxresdefaultAll this makes third trimester seem difficult but overall it hasn’t been as rough as I was expecting (we will see how I feel in the next few weeks!). It is an exciting time because you are nearing your due date and getting all your final items taken off the check list.  I have loved being pregnant in so many ways. I wasn’t expecting pregnancy to be as profound an experience as it has been for me. The connection I already feel with our little man has been an ache or sleepless night worth it.

The baby countdown begins!



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