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Second Trimester: The Best Trimester

Can we talk about the amazingness that is second trimester? It is fantastic! My first c187c24cef43382627850ec1886de467trimester was incredibly tough on me, which may be why I appreciated second trimester so much. For me, it felt like the day I hit second trimester, my first trimester struggles disappeared. My nausea was gone, I had increased energy, I still had backaches, but when I wasn’t exhausted and throwing up, they didn’t seem as bad. To top everything off, my husband and I could now feel baby moving on a regular basis. It was the best transition I could have asked for!

Best Parts of Second Trimester:

  1. Increased Energy – I didn’t need an after-work nap anymore! I’m an active person, I love projects and staying busy, that is why the exhaustion was a struggle for me. With my energy back I was able to let myself get baby prep work done. This time brought down my stress levels and put me back in a good emotional place.
  2. No More Nausea – Being sick everyday was miserable. I remember, while hunched over the toilet, telling my husband that maybe one child was enough. I genuinely didn’t know how I was going to make it through if this continued my whole pregnancy (Respect to the many women who do make it through 9 monthly of morning sickness). The nausea passed and I could confidently leave the house again, this lifted my spirits and let me focus on the baby that was developing inside of me (more than one child is back on the table!). Reading each week about our baby’s development created a strong connection, it was an amazing time during my pregnancy.
  3. No More Breast Pain – YES! This was history for me in second trimester and it was such a relief. Aching boobs was more uncomfortable than I was expecting and it fading away was a blessing.
  4. Baby is MOVING – This is hands down the best part of second trimester. I was able to feel baby move almost every day (he loved when I would lay down at the end of the day, then he turned into baby ninja). Even better, with baby getting larger, my husband was able to feel him wiggling and kicking too. I know it has been tough on him that men don’t get to be a bigger part of pregnancy and this really brings in a connection.

While I was struggling through my first, I had heard over and over to hold out until second keep-calm-it-s-second-trimester-257x300trimester and now I pass on that same advice! Enjoy this time because in third trimester discomfort sneaks back in there with some other surprises.

Second trimester is a great time to work on your baby checklist (I know you have one) and get baby’s room put together. If I sit down and concentrate one day, I’ll do a list of to-do items I completed during this time, there are so many little things that are easy to forget. I loved getting so much done during this trimester but also take the time to just enjoy being pregnant and learn about your baby’s growth and development. You are creating a human! It is amazing!



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