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Baby Registry: Why is such a little person so expensive?

But seriously, we can’t be the only people surprised at baby item pricing… right?

As first time parents, we found registering for baby items totally overwhelming. This was for multiple reasons; there is A LOT of stuff, for every item there are multiple brands, it is expensive, and it is totally foreign to us!

My husband and I are not what you would call “baby people”. Please don’t take that as we f2i3fdon’t like children, because we do. We are also so excited to have a little one of our own. What I mean by not “baby people” is that we have never fussed over babies and we didn’t pay much attention to what our friends & families were doing with their children for the important things; like feeding and sleeping, etc. Basically, we loved to play with kids and then give them back to the parents. Because of our lack of observation, we had no idea what people used for their children.

You can imagine what it felt like to start our registry and then realize we had no idea what to register for. We tried to start with the basics, we knew we would need a crib, we started looking at cribs and there were hundreds! They ranged from $100.00 – $1,000.00. On top of not knowing what we needed, we then realized we had no idea what the normal pricing was on anything. We tried reading reviews on items but that only made us more confused. baby-registry-5Every item has good and bad reviews, how do you know what to believe? At this point we were both grumps and decided to stop working on our registry.

It was time to start fresh and try a different tactic. I reached out to all our friends with little ones (I used social media because it was quick and easy) and asked for advice; What items did they use? What items didn’t they use? Were there any specific brands they recommended? The outpouring of support was amazing (the second you announce you’re pregnant you’re automatically in the motherhood club, and they are amazing). We received wonderful advice from people that had just gone through having a baby. I will warn you that everyone has different opinions, some swore by wipe warmers and others said they were a waste of money, but it is a great starting point. A fringe benefit of asking friends and family for advice is that we received a lot of hand-me-downs! We weren’t expecting that but it was greatly appreciated.

Uncomfortable reaching out to friends about baby items? Look at blogs! It is amazing the amount of information I collected from mom/dad bloggers.

Also, online I found checklists that listed “needed” baby items. It did help us not forget essential items.

Advice and recommendations in hand, my husband and I went to the store. We are from a smaller town so there aren’t a lot of floor models to look at but there were enough to help us gauge what quality we were getting for the price. We are on a budget (wish we weren’t!) but we also didn’t want to register to low-quality items that will break on us. Physically touching and looking at the items, versus a picture online, made a big difference. We also made the decision to register for everything we could potentially need (wipe warmer is on the registry). Our baby shower is coming up shortly, post-baby shower we will go back through the registry and then be stricter with ourselves on what are essentials and purchase the rest of our needed items.

Baby Registry Advice:

  1. Ask friends/family for advice
  2. Check out floor models for quality
  3. When in doubt add it to the registry

Registering was fun once we had a grasp on what we were doing. We also plan to utilize pre-owned baby items stores in our town to fill in any gaps in items after the baby shower (still on a budget!)

Post baby shower I’ll be more specific on what we registered for and how it all works out for us.



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