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Gender Reveal: Finally!

In my previous post, I talked about how my husband and I had decided to do the baby’s gender reveal with our families. It is the first grand-baby for both our parents’ and they are bursting with excitement. We did not want to do a big gender reveal party, we felt it was an intimate moment for our families, so we kept it very small. Although, I have been to some very adorable gender reveal parties! Pregnancy is such a personal time just do whatever feels right to you.

pinmemeOnce we knew that we wanted to do a reveal, it was my favorite time… Pinterest time! We looked through so many different options; cutting a cake, opening an outfit, kicking a football, opening a box of balloons, and on and on and on. After looking at an overwhelming amount of options, my husband decided he wanted to pop a giant balloon with confetti in it. He is a laid-back guy and doesn’t ask for much, so I was more than happy to agree.

Our ultrasound to get the gender was on a Monday morning. Since we weren’t doing a full party we did our reveal that night (I never would have made it to the weekend). The very sweet ultrasound technician put the gender in an envelope for us. We both knew that we couldn’t be trusted to not peak in the envelope all day (it’s sad I know). We made a plan that wouldn’t allow us to cheat. As soon as we finished the ultrasound, we took the envelope to my best friend. She was in charge up setting up our giant balloon with the confetti for that night. I will warn you that this was the longest day of my life. It was hard not to focus on 5pm coming around when we would head to my parent’s house and pop that dang balloon.

My mom took care of making some sandwiches and snacks. Our immediate family and a couple close family friends came over. We did not ask for gifts but our loving families brought some anyways. It was an extremely low-key event. Then we gathered together and popped that balloon! (Yes, I was terrified to pop the balloon… give me some credit, it was huge!) WARNING: My best friend was holding the camera and got excited the second the balloon popped, so the camera sways like crazy. 🙂

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IT’S A BOY! You can hear my hubby immediately say he knew it, he was 100% confident it boywas a boy. We can’t wait to meet our little man!

This was such a special night for us and there are no regrets on sharing it with our families. As always, I stress to do whatever feels right for you. There is a lot of pressure to host big parties and do things certain ways, but guess what… you can do whatever you like! This is an emotional time in your life, so don’t feel bad going against the “norm”.



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