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The Ultrasound: To Reveal, or Not to Reveal?

Around 25 weeks my OBGYN had me scheduled for my ultrasound. This was the big one, the ultrasound where they check for all your baby’s amazing development. When you see bones and organs it really sinks in that there is a little human in there. Our little one kept wiggling, which my husband loved so much! The guys don’t get the constant kicks and wiggles that you get when you carry the baby. Seeing the movement on the screen helped him feel more connected.

Not a Camera Person

At this appointment, they account for all the baby’s limbs, they snap photos of organs and bones and ensure everything is developing on pace and correctly. For a first-time mom, who was paranoid about anything and everything that could go wrong, this appointment brings a lot of peace of mind.  The tech will walk you through what you are looking at on the screen because (I don’t know about you) but I had no idea what a baby liver looked like. The tech will also get you some “cute” photos of your little one (they still look like an alien but you proudly show that little alien to every person you can). Our baby decided to face his back and butt out and refused to move through most of the ultrasound. It made it difficult for the tech to get a good picture of the baby’s face. When baby did move so did the little hands, right in front of the face… so in every picture it looks like a celebrity trying to block paparazzi. I hope you get the 3D ultrasound, we did! It is something to see the curves of that face and those tiny hands and feet.

The ultrasound is also one of the biggest decisions of your pregnancy; do you find out the gender? For us, it wasn’t much of a decision, we had to know – we were DYING TO KNOW. capture2We discussed gender reveal prior to this appointment, it was important to us that we found out with our families there. It is the first grandchild for both sets of Grandparents and we wanted to share the moment. The tech will have you look away if you’re not finding out at the appointment and then they put that top-secret information in an envelope for you to take home. Our little one, again, was not cooperating and it wasn’t until the very end of the appointment that our tech finally captured the gender. That was a stressful wait, we were so anxious to know, it would have been tough to leave without an answer.

In the end, you get to leave with that envelope (that is begging to be opened) in your hand. From here you can open it just the two of you, or choose from the millions of ways to reveal the gender with families and friends.

It is the best prenatal visit.



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