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First Prenatal Appointment: What to Expect

After weeks of excruciating waiting, you reach 10 weeks and go in for your first appointment at your OBGYN. This time couldn’t have gone slower for me, I just wanted to

Our First Ultrasound & Me at 15 Weeks
get into the doctor’s office and make sure everything was okay with the baby. I was still very scared of miscarriage (as a first-time mom, I was paranoid about everything). I walked into the office nervous and excited. I was nervous because I had obviously never been to a OBGYN for anything but a check-up and I was meeting my doctor and nurse for the first time. The idea of going through multiple doctors to find one I liked didn’t seem appealing to me, I really hoped I would be comfortable with my recommended doctor (from friends I hear the nurse is the one you’re going to be with most of the time so make sure you like him/her as well!).

Every clinic does things a little differently but here is the process I went through on appointment number 1.

  • Fill out your paperwork
    • Easy enough, just bring your insurance card with you.
  • You get to pee in a cup
    • Make sure you don’t go to the bathroom right before you leave for the appointment… I made that mistake and suddenly peeing in a cup was a high-pressured situation!
  • They take your weight and blood pressure numbers
    • The usual.
  • You get to meet your doctor
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get to know your doctor, they will be with you through this whole process.
  • You get your first ultrasound
    • I can’t tell you how emotional this was, there was our baby! And we got to hear that beautiful heartbeat for the first time. Note that this is a vaginal ultrasound because your baby is so tiny. For women, this isn’t a big deal but if you have a husband/boyfriend/manfriend in the room you may want to prepare him. My husband’s eyes got a little wider but he managed to hang on to his maturity through it… I was so proud! He tends to make awkward jokes when he is uncomfortable. If your manfriend is uncomfortable with it, don’t panic, the second the baby pops up on that screen it will be the only thing they are paying attention to anyway.
  • The first picture of your baby is given to you
    • That goes right up on the fridge, proud parents already!
  • They take you back to get your bloodwork done
    • The usual.
  • We worked with the nurse and made our appointment schedule for the whole pregnancy
    • This was great because we had every date and time to give to our employers.


Since you aren’t feel your little one move around yet, this appointment really helps to make everything feel real. There really is a tiny human in you! The first appointment is really simple. My recommendations; don’t pee before the appointment and if you have a significant other/family member I would recommend bringing them to this appointment. It is such an intense, emotional, experience it is nice to share it with someone.



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