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The Pregnancy Test was Positive… Now What?

It is embarrassing to admit but I stood there holding my positive pregnancy test (which I made my husband verify was positive over and over) and then realized I didn’t know what I was supposed to do next. I assumed that I would have to go into the doctor’s office and have it confirmed I was pregnant. In the movies they always have false positives and negatives, I assumed false positives happened all the time. The very sweet nurse I called explained that at home pregnancy tests are usually accurate and I could come in to verify I was pregnant but they would be giving me a similar test to the at home test. This was an overwhelming moment because it meant I was really pregnant. I had to try and let that reality settle in. The nurse went on to say that I didn’t have to come in until I was 10 weeks… 10 weeks! To a newly pregnant woman she may as well have said I had to wait a year to come in.

After my call with the nurse I took 2 more

My very early bump
at home tests… I just to be sure. Again, I was hit with the well now what? I needed to find an OBGYN and schedule my 10-week appointment. This is tough for many women because there are a lot of doctors/midwifes to choose from. I did the obvious choice and talked to my friends who had recently had children to get recommendations and even better to get the ones they wouldn’t recommend. There was a clinic that kept getting mentioned by people I knew (I also verified my insurance covered that OBGYN!) and I set up an appointment with a doctor from that clinic.

With the appointment set all I had to do was start my prenatal vitamins and cut out alcohol, raw fish, etc. I made the personal choice to cut out caffeine as well, no morning coffee for me! The caffeine was by far the hardest thing to give up but as a first-time mom4add3456d2173065f806a81d5373c33c I couldn’t help but be overly cautious. I love doing yoga and that I was able to continue, I just moved from heated vinyasa to a low impact class. If it hadn’t been dead winter here for most of my pregnancy I would have continued jogging or walking.

During the wait time I had my priorities; #1 set up multiple Pinterest Boards on pregnancy and babies, I made them private boards because I wasn’t ready to share the baby news (I couldn’t help it, baby clothes and nurseries are too cute), #2 buy pregnancy books, #3 get information from those I chose to tell about the pregnancy my close friends & family, I asked for their experiences and advice. #4 look into our insurance plan on what was covered and what wasn’t during my pregnancy.

This was my experience immediately following the baby news. It was basically a time of excitement mixed with panic and information overload!

I was never a baby or pregnancy person, I never had the draw that some people do to it. Now being pregnant and feeling our baby wiggle and kick (and crush my ribs) I see what an amazing and intimate process it is.



A project obsessed, coffee/tea/wine drinker with a book problem. Current wife, new mother and recent homeowner.

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