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The Beginning

us-2I am a planner, I like to know what is coming, I like to be prepared. I am always looking toward the future. It is an uncontrollable personality trait.

Now I realize that life doesn’t like to follow a plan, in fact most times that my life has hit a bump in the road it has led me somewhere better than I could have imagined – even with this knowledge I can’t help but attempt to be control my life anyway.

After college graduation I married my high school sweetheart. Before you roll your eyes at the idea of marrying a boy you dated in high school, let me say that my husband makes my life more fun and makes me feel more loved than I could possibly deserve. He is also not a planner, he is a roll with the punches guy – this is simultaneously frustrating for me and good for me.  When you are looking toward the future you can miss the present, it is always good to find someone who pushes you to enjoy the moment.

We chose to spend a few years just being married rather than grow our family right away. These years of just us time was exactly what we needed. We were married young and wanted to enjoy a lifestyle that allowed us to go out with friends for drinks, eat out at restaurants and sleep in on the weekends. It was a fun point in our lives that we were able to enjoy guilt free. The “just us” years also gave us time to grow up. Settled in good jobs and ready to move forward in our lives I went into planning mode; the plan was to buy our first home, adopt a dog and then have a baby. The baby came sooner than planned.

There is no rush quite like the one you get when you look down at a positive pregnancy test.969753_10201429001075917_645033066_n It is a rush that includes terror, joy, sadness, excitement and disbelief. I would like to tell you that I did a cute gift or announcement for my husband but I was in shock after I saw that test, all I managed to do was run into the bedroom and flip on the light at 7am (he wasn’t pleased at this point) then I held out the test and asked if that looked like 2 lines. It wasn’t romantic, it wasn’t planned but it is still one of the best moments of my life.

The baby revelation came before we had bought a house or adopted dog, the plan was dead. We knew we wanted to be out of our apartment before the baby arrived so now we were in full blown house hunting mode. Our heads were spinning with the news of the baby and now we were about to make the biggest purchase of our live – it was a stressful time but we survived! We are 3 months away from meeting our baby and just moved into our first house and that is where this blog begins. I am going to be writing about our marriage, the pregnancy and fixing up our new home (it was built in 1959 and we are DIY people!). Just to clarify, I am not an expert in any of these fields… not even a little. I am only documenting my adventures because my life is experiencing amazing changes and I don’t want to forget a second of it.



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5 Months Breastfeeding!

I can’t believe that I am at 5 months breastfeeding! It is celebratory moment for me but also a sad moment. I struggled with breastfeeding it the beginning but ended up loving it. I eventually did feel that bond that had formed from those one on one moments with my son. I know how much it means to me because of how much it hurts that I have to stop. If endyou had told me a few months ago that I would struggle with stopping breastfeeding, I would have sarcastically snorted in disagreement. Well, here we are, about to start month six and I am sad!

Our little guy has been the spit up king, there is a receiving blanket in every room of our home and it wasn’t enough. This was more than just your average spit up, it was getting to an extreme, he wasn’t able to keep anything down. He would spit up hours after eating and was hungry all the time. It was heartbreaking. We started supplementing by mixing Lactose Sensitive formula with my pumped breastmilk. We started with just an ounce of the formula and then moved up to two ounces. Our little guy is like a different baby. We have less crying, better sleeping, and the spit up is minimal. We aren’t sure if he is allergic to something or sensitive to something in the breastmilk (we had already tried me cutting out basically everything in my diet, it didn’t help). Seeing him happier and finally satisfied we made the decision to ease off of breastmilk and move to just formula.

Here comes the struggles!

  1. I feel like a bad mom: Breast is best is everywhere and I get judgmental looks when I tell people he is moving to formula. Give me a break people! I’m heartbroken enough that my milk was causing my son pain, I don’t need the guilt of moving him to formula too. I have always been an advocate of fed is best and now, more than ever, I remind myself of that. I was blessed to have 5 months of breastfeeding my son and I will cherish that fact.
  2. My breasts hurt: I haven’t quite mastered the easing off processes. Little man is getting cut off of breastfeeding and I am pumping to help the transition but it is awful. If I skip a pumping or pump for less time my boobs get hard as rocks and ache. I’m trying to stair step the time I pump down but blaaaaah it is the worst.bottle
  3. Bottles, bottles everywhere: We haven’t had to deal with bottles before and it is a pain. I am constantly cleaning bottles or my pumping supplies. Thank the Lord that we bought a bottle warmer because running a bottle under warm water takes FOREVER when you have a crying baby. That is $25.00 of well spent money.
  4. We mix like bartenders: Little man will get part breastmilk until my froze supply runs out. I am so happy that he will get at least some breast milk until he is 6 months old but making the bottles is a pain. 2 ounces’ breast milk and 2 ounces’ formula – shake, shake, shake – and warm. Baby bottle bartenders!
  5. That special bond is done: It has been a journey of ups and downs but it was special that I was able to literally give my son a part of me. It was an intimate connection and I am tearful writing this because it is ending.

I am so lucky that I was able to get 5 months of breastfeeding my son. I know there are mothers who wish they had that much time. Now we move forward with what is best for my son’s health.

Fed is best! My mantra to get me through.

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I’m on Facebook!

I am jumping right back into blogging about our life and adventures through pregnancy, resourcesbirth, a new baby, and home-ownership. I’m expanding out to a facebook page to start sharing my blog. If you are on facebook like my page! I will be posting regularly with parenthood funnies, articles, and of course my blog posts.

Here it is: facebook.com/itwasntpartoftheplan

Also, comment if you have a facebook page! I’m looking for some good pages to follow. 🙂

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Pootastrophy 2017

This morning was pootastrophy 2017. We had our little man all dressed, even in his 1jacket, socks, and hat. We were 5 minutes out from our usual heading to work time when it happened…. A tummy rumble. It was followed by a noise that was unmistakable. Usually, a poo diaper is a quick fix but this time the edge of his diaper was pulled up by his pants and poo leaked out everywhere. Of course, he didn’t stop kicking and managed to get poo on everything. I mopped up the baby while my husband got laundry running. Then we scrambled out of the house 10 minutes late. I arrived at work swearing the poo smell was haunting me, I looked down and there was a nice poo smear on my coat sleeve. I immediately took a picture and sent it to my husband, we had both earned a laugh.

This morning, as I stared at my poo covered baby, I realized he is almost 5 months old! We are cruising to half a year with our little man. It has been an adventure to say the least. I have learned to swaddle a baby in 10 seconds flat, I can easily eat, clean, and put together a bottle with one hand, when standing anywhere for more than a minute I automatically begin to rock back and forth. My external changes are nothing compared to my internal changes, I am less judgmental, I find it impossible not to smile when I see other people with their children, I am more patient, and I love stronger than ever.

The lack of sleep, never eating warm food, and constantly finding spit up somewhere on my outfit are worth it. That is why we laugh at pootastrophy 2017 because soon mornings with our little man won’t include these moments. Good, bad, funny, tear worthy, I’m trying to embrace everything before it is gone.

The bittersweet struggles of parenting.


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Thought of the Day: September 25th, 2017

untitledI was looking at other mothers’ social media accounts and every moment with their little ones looked so ideal. I wondered to myself if they ever have sleepless nights because baby decided it was playtime, or tear filled evenings because baby is teething.

Then I looked at my social media accounts and realized I probably look that same way from the outside too. My son is the biggest blessing we could have asked for but I wouldn’t call him easy. The baby giggles do make up for lack of sleep and tear filled moments are far out numbered by baby snuggles but it isn’t pure bliss.

So to any mother out there who is feeling less than perfect, just remember people don’t post pictures of screaming babies or bags under their eyes.

… but maybe we should.

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The Diaper Debate

Sorry it has been awhile since a post! Lack of sleep and a new job has had me running on empty. Respect to all new moms and dads ✊️ we are real life zombies.

Anyways, lets talk diapers. We received a variety of brands and our diaper keg. Some good and some bad. I’ll note we have a little boy and I’ve heard it can make a difference on favorite diapers.

Hereeee weeee goooo:

  1. Mom to Mom: First off these felt cheap. I’m all about saving money but there are Mom to Mom diapersplaces I won’t give up quality, like toilet paper, paper towels, and diapers. They didn’t seal as well around his waist, but did provide a higher waist (which I love!) and the absorption wasn’t just okay. Overall, no thank you. I actually gave away the pack we had because I refused to use them.
  2. Luvs: For some reason I know no one that uses Luvs but Luvsthey aren’t bad! I would say they are comparable to Huggies. I wish that they went a little higher up on his waist, I avoid diaper explosions at all costs. They absorb well. I wish that they had the color changing line like Huggies and Pampers, to show when they are wet. Not number one on my choice list but not bad!
  3. Huggies: Like I said Huggies and Luvs seem pretty similar to me. I like how they Huggiesabsorb but wish the waist went up a little higher. I also had issues with the poo coming out the leg holes. The colored line is on these! Totally unimportant but I love the Winnie the Pooh theme. Overall, I’m happy with Huggies and use them on a regular basis.
  4. Pampers: The juggernaut themselves. I’ll be Pampershonest, they crushed it. I love the fit, the waist comes up higher which helps catch any explosive moments. Handy color line is on them. They fit around the legs better than Luvs and Huggies. I have had almost zero leakage or explosions out the diaper when I use Pampers. If we buy diapers, it is Pampers Swaddlers.

Just my recommendations if you’re buying diapers for the first time. I would also recommend buying a couple different brands. You never know if your little will be allergic to a specific brand or maybe you’ll have a different brand that works best for you!

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Thought of the Day: July 31st, 2017

I guess I should call this celebration of the day! 🎉🎉 I have been pretty open with the fact that I have struggled with breastfeeding — not so much physicality but emotionally. The feeling of being tied down was a challenge.

Anyway, today I am celebrating reaching my first breastfeeding goal! Because of my struggles, I set a goal of 3 months. Today to my surprise I realized that I passed my 3 month goal days ago. To top it all off I have a small supply in the freezer. 

I am so happy and proud that I kept pushing through. It does get easier and easier. I know many women want to breastfeed and aren’t able to, I am thankful I had the opportunity. 

Next mini goal is 4 months!! 

Hooray for all the mommas keeping their babies fed, through breastfeeding, pumping, formula, or tube. All we want are healthy babies. 👶🏼🍼

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3 Months Post-Birth

I am 3 months out from giving birth! 🤰 I cannot believe how the time flew by. I’ve decided Birth is kind of like a wedding; we obsess over it, we spend a year preparing for it, reading, planning, organizing – and then, in one day, it is over. But! Surprise, surprise, it is really just the beginning. 

I read a lot about the first few weeks post-baby but not much about 3 months post-baby. I’ll say there were a few unexpected moments. 

  1. You lose your hair – SO MUCH HAIR! I had amazing, thick, hair while pregnant, between the prenatals and the pregnancy it was beautiful. Well I’m still on prenatals but the hair is going post-pregnancy. It clogs our drain and ends up on everything we own (our poor sofa). I cannot wait for this phas to pass.
  2. Did you know breast milk stains? It does. It leaves greasy marks on your clothing – no one warned me! Plus it is difficult to get out of clothing. I’m using an oxy product and it works pretty well but I’ll take recommendations. I’ve already lost a couple night shorts to this evil. After the first stain, I’ve been careful but it’s still a pain.
  3. You still don’t feel rested. At 3 months in I wasn’t expecting a full night’s sleep but I am surprised by how exhausted I still am. Our little one slept 5 hour spans his first month but then revolted against sleep. Now we are up every 3 hours. I am back to work full time and I won’t lie, the afternoons are a struggle. I am also still not drinking caffeine- I don’t even get an artificial pick me up to lean on. I dream of sleeping 5 hours in a row.
  4. You are still obsessed with your baby. We just stay home to be with him. Our friends ask us out and we’re like, “sorry, I’d rather stare at my child, but thanks.” We don’t want to miss any wiggle, cuddle, or smile. When he is at daycare most of the day we want our time with him. I’m afraid we will blink and he won’t be a baby anymore. I’m not sure when/if we will move on from this phase.
  5. Spit up, snot, drool, 💩 poop, pee — none of it even makes you flinch. I never imagined that I would have spit up down my shirt and on the floor and not care. Bodily fluids are so common place the ick factor is gone, you clean up and move on. Also, you talk about bodily fluids ALL THE TIME, with your significant other, parents, friends… it’s hard to control that your little ones bodily functions impact your life so much.
  6. My house is messier than ever. Stupidly, I assumed that as he got bigger he would take up less time and I would be able to get more done. Oh, I laugh at myself for thinking that. He now sleeps less during the day and when he is awake I want to play with him or get baby snuggles. The house will wait — I’m guessing it will be clean again in about 18 years. 😂

He is worth every poopy diaper We have changed and every drain we unclog. I joke about a lot of inconveniences but trust me I would do it all over again for his baby smiles. Oh parenting, there is nothing else like it – now let me go wipe the baby spit up off my leg. 

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Life Changes: Goodbye Debt

My husband and I have had a whirlwind year, we bought a house and had a baby. It has been a year of change, we decided to roll with these positive changes and focus on paying down our debt. Lucky for us we don’t have a lot of debt, outside of the house. A couple years of hardwork and focus and we can be debt free. 

Once we decided together (because this would be impossible if we weren’t both on board) to do this, the research began. I read enough articles and blogs to make my head explode with information. In the end we chose the Dave Ramsey plan. I liked his snowball plan; focus on your smallest debt, pay it off as quickly as you can, then put the money you used to pay for that (now paid) debt and put it towards your next largest debt… and so on. He explains his this method keeps you motivated and I agree. We need small victories to keep us excited for our end goal – a debt free life. 

With our basic plan and ultimate goal in place, it was time for the leg work. We put together a budget in excel (this was waaay easier than I was expecting!). Then we planned what we could afford to pay our bills, pay toward debt, and put in savings. I’m sure our budget will be adjusted more than once but it is a good starting point. We also made plans for some additional income, that will all go toward our debt. No vacations this year but it will be worth it to drop that debt!

After we finished the tedious work, I made us some fun visuals to help us. We bought cheap bottles of champagne 🍾, a bottle for each debt we plan to pay off. I printed some champagne Coloring sheets and labeled them with each debt goal. I included percentages 5%-100% along the side of the image, this way we can color in the bottle as we move toward our goal. Every time we “fill a bottle” or pay off a debt we get to pop a bottle of cheap champagne! 🍾🥂 Is this silly? Yes. Do I care? Nope! I like visuals, they help me stay on track, and I love having a celebratory moment to look forward to (even if it is an $8 bottle of bubbly). 

We have kicked off our payment plan and can’t wait to see our baby steps move us closer to our debt free life!

Has anyone managed to get debt free? What worked for you?

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The Funniest Newborn Moments

There are beautiful moments with your new baby, the first time they squeeze your finger, the moments when they stare up at your studying your face. Then there are moments that may not be considered beautiful but will definitely make you life. Here are a few of mine!

  1. The Baby Powder Incident: Our little man had a little bit of baby rash, so we started using baby powder to help prevent it. I was changing a dirty diaper, got him all cleaned up with a fresh diaper laid out, baby powder nicely spread on his bottom, when he let out a huge fart 💨. Baby powder shot out in all directions. All he could do was smile and I was dying from laughter. 
  2. The Poo Shoot: I knew that baby poo was liquid like but I had no idea how much until a fateful morning. It was 3:00am and I was changing a diaper, by nightlight, when our little man let out gas that was accompanied by poo. It shot out like water from a hose, I tried to cover it up with the clean diaper underneath him but I was too late. His poop literally hit me from the chest down, I’m lucky I didn’t get it in the face! Always be prepared for the poo and be okay with doing laundry at 3:00am. 😂
  3. The Headbutt: Our little man has been holding his head up since the moment the doctor laid him on my stomach. He sometimes pushes it too long and on a daily basis will headbutt me and my husband. There are warning signs, his head starts to bob like a tiny drunken rock star and bam! 💥 
  4. The Climber: When he is laid on your chest, when you are sitting down, our little man climbs. He kicks and pulls and can make his way up your body and tries to go over his head. It is hilarious to watch him mountain climb and then look around so proud of himself. 
  5. The Blanket Addiction: He loves blankets, it is actually his obsession. Our baby like to hold on to his blankets or receiving blankets, then he carefully tries to stretch them out, takes a big chunk and shoves it in his mouth, or he will take the fists full of blanket and rub it all over his face. Oh and heaven forbid to take his blanket away! Not even three months old and he is already a blanket kid. It is the most adorable thing to watch.
  6. Baby Velociraptor: I love baby noises but my favorite our his playful cries, which happen to sound like a velociraptor. It makes my husband and I laugh every time. Every noise he makes is hilarious and he likes to make one and then stare at you, ready for your reaction, then when you laugh you get the biggest baby smile. How smart are these little ones?!

The past couple months have been the hardest months of my life in some ways but also the most joyful and rewarding. How can you love something with your whole being? It amazes me. Plus baby stories are the best.

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Best Newborn Moments

You always hear about the tough parts of being a new parent, I am guilty of this, you joke about the crying fits and sleepless nights. It isn’t often that you talk about those simple moments of absolute perfection that come along with a new baby . 

  1. Watching your baby sleep: Seeing your baby’s serene face when they sleep is a bliss. You get to study their every feature and they do look angelic. Their faces twitch and you get baby smiles and scrunched up noses, ugh it is amazing.
  2. Baby coos: The coos of a happy baby are better than music. Each squeal and giggle instantly brings a smile to your face. You can have full conversations with your little one, even if you don’t understand it.
  3. Baby snuggles: YES! I love for snuggles from my little man. They warm you up and let you get that baby smell. It is a peaceful moment when your baby’s head rests on your chest. You feel love surge from you to your little. 
  4. Playtime: Newborns don’t play like kids yet but they still play. I love watching our little man play with his fingers, lacing them together and pulling them apart, he also tries different facial expressions and gives the best smiles. Tummy time is impossible to look away from, he works so hard to roll over and move. 
  5. Baby stares: Our little human likes to stare at us, he studies our faces and follows our movements. When he looks at me with those big eyes, so trusting, so loving, it makes my heart melt. 

I understand why people get baby fever because the innocence of their love is incomparable. I know we have so much to look forward to but I’m trying to soak up these moments while I have them.